The Day Twitter Caught Tolu Ogunlesi’s Ancestors Napping


Which is a crying shame because Tolu Ogunlesi is one of the few people in Buhari’s cabinet that many people regarded with any respect. As the Special Assistant on digital/new media to President Buhari, his resume before this appointment spoke for itself. He is young, bright, insightful, measured, and fiercely intelligent.

But you see that Aso Rock dodo? The craze is inside the oil they use in frying it. Anyone who partakes of the feast soon begins to lose perspective. Osinbajo has started to wi kotan kotan, still talking about PDP’s stolen billions, and now, Tolu Ogunlesi has fallen victim.

He referred to the nation he purports to serve as animals. Not for the sake of his paymaster (which would have made sense), but to “protect the honour” of Kola Aluko and Charles Taylor’s very good friend, Naomi Campbell.

Well, ancestors cannot rest. They cannot be caught napping because Nigerian Twitter is savage enough as it is even when you’re at alert. So, did they come for him? Haha, yes!!!!!

A personal favourite – succinct. covers subject matter



But, as you know, he who the gods will kill, they will first make mad. And so, Tolu thought it wise to respond to critics regarding his post like this:

And then, even when forced to make an apology, he said, the media savvy, empathetic, servant of the people said:

I’d like to clarify. I would NEVER describe/think of Nigerians, or those who disagree with me, as ‘animals’. My comment specific to those who thought it appropriate to denigrate/“slander” Naomi Campbell. Tweet should have been worded clearer & less provocatively. Lesson learnt.

This non-apology is the worst part of the entire debacle. He would never describe Nigerians like that….so the people he did describe like that were who? Poles? Croats? Wakandans? The arrogance and insult of this nonsense is further proof that this government cares not a jot for the people that elected it. I have no doubt that Tolu Ogunlesi is crying tonight and wiping his tears with dollar bills and the hem of his APC ankara-print agbada. But we will be alright too.

2019 soon come.


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