#BBNaija: Bassey’s eviction leaves everyone speechless as Nigeria reacts


Bassey – Big Brother Naija Evicted: at this point, we don’t even know wharris going on in that #BBNaija of a place anymore. Out of all of the contestants that could possibly have been evicted, Bassey is the very last one people thought it could happen to.

He is universally loved and celebrated, has acted with decorum and class the whole time. Everyone thought for sure that TBoss would certainly get the boot, but guess what? Bassey got the least votes, Bassey was asked to leave. Like play like play, TBoss is still in that house and the person who is perhaps most deserving of the prize money just got shown the door.

People, you gotta vote for your person. Campaign for them; do Twitter shout outs if you must. Spend your naira and VOTE! Because TBoss has her people voting for her, and Marvis has her people voting. And guess what Debbie Rise got her people doing? Yup, you guessed right – voting.

Here are some of the reactions from Nigerians about the recent shock eviction:

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    • Did you vote? No… You guys are just too soaked in this corruption mentality that you might even want to question God when certain person enters his kingdom… The collation of votes is handled by an auditing firm independent of Bigbro… Why would Bigbro want to favor anyone… Oga what biggie wants is ur vote… He is doing a showbiz, he needs that vote money… Any other thing u r talking is not his biz. Vote ur favorite n quit crying foul….

    • You’re the one talking trash…there are more to what the eyes can’t see….I heard bisola telling biggie in the dairy room indirectly that biggie is doing what he is doing in favor of tboss….you never can tell what is happening over there,how each votes are bin counted,do you know if they are counting d percentages in favour of tboss
      Am jxt waiting for the finale if efe or bisola doesn’t win and tboss wins then I will know for sure the big brother game is a game of partiality.

    • Egburonu Orji John u are saying trash😕 Tboss is suppose 2 be out of dis since but she’s still dia and d pple dat are suppose 2 be dia are out witout no reason..dis isn’t abt d vote any longer😕 something else is happening

    • Talking trash… Who do u think is biggie?dumbass u think biggie is the owner of the show? U r just ignorant, u ve a smart phone but d only thing u think its meant for facebook. Educate yourself using Google. Ask any question n get informed. Biggie is an org.now u saying biggie likes tboss. As biggie Na organization n no be one person Wetin dem go come use the tboss do… Share am take do pepper soup? Mtcheww… Irritating!

    • Someone opinion should not be your problem, and should not lead to insult, your view may be different from mine, but I can see that you are cute and responsible man, it is a game, ,all viewers have their own perceptions, so Mr big brother, just take it easy,

  • All the smart ones are gone, we just left with “God have mercy ” people….. This show just goes a long way in showing us that Nigeria is not changing anytime soon, our mentality needs deliverance, see the personalities Nigerians are routing for….. God have mercy

  • No body should b suprised if T boss wins bcus d game requires true self, and she has never pretended, she is so real to d core, she is not hiding her bossy atitude, she says it exactly d way it it, shes not d eye service type, anyhw u want it she gives it to u common dis bitch deserves to win, celebrity lifestyle suites her super

  • Let’s wait for this Sunday eviction show if tboss doesn’t go then there is more to what people here are saying.. Remember we have Debbie rise,marvis,bally and tboss….the rest except tboss is always having the highest votes anytime they are bin put up for eviction.

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