#BBNaija: Lawmaker Wants ‘Big Brother Naija’ Banned


It gets me, when people don’t just get it. A Nigerian lawmaker still thinks #BBNaija is the problem, while it isn’t in a bit, as many espousal has been done to douse the needless fever generated against the rave reality show; well, hear him, below

A member of the House of Representatives from Ogun State, Segun Adekoya, has called for the removal of the ‘Big Brother Naija‘ reality TV show from Nigeria airwaves.

Mr. Adekoya made the call via a motion in the parliament.


Although the motion was slated for debate on Wednesday, his absence compelled the lawmakers to step it down.

But in a prepared copy of the motion, which was circulated on the floor of the House Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Adekoya said the theme of the show, which had become popular amongst the country’s youth, did not conform to the cultural and religious ethics of Nigeria.

Mr. Adekoya said Nigeria, despite her development, remained a largely conservative society, adding that allowing “immoral” shows like the ‘Big Brother Naija’ to be broadcast in Nigeria could corrode the minds of the younger generation, especially teenagers.

“By virtue of the existing laws, broadcasting in the country is expected to promote Indigenous cultures, morals and community life and not to encourage values of the country”.

The call came days after a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Olusegun Olulade, demanded an absolute ban of the reality TV show.

In a telephone chat with PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Adekoya said he didn’t turn up on the floor to move the motion because he didn’t know it will be placed on the agenda for the day.

“I was expecting them to call it on Tuesday, but since they didn’t, I just gave up thinking they won’t call it again,” Mr. Adekoya said. “But the content of the motion remains valid.”

Segun Adekoya

“We must tell ourselves the truth. The show does not promote good ethical or cultural values. It does not amount to any economic gain for Nigeria.

“Let them continue it in South Africa where homosexuals are legally allowed to get married. But in Nigeria, we still stand by our strong moral and religious ethics.”

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  1. Why won’t you speak on bbnaija have you taken time to ask yourself if nigerians have the time to watch bbnaija? Common sense should let you know that you are not representing those million poor less privileged persons in the slums and most of the participants in the bbnaija are children of the elites, bcos no kpako go just disgrace em ancestors on air wen em belle neva full

  2. 9ja is just so funny…..see how Piple re voting nd fighting “Ban it” lyk de show is our biggest problem….well Dats Y we re 9ja….daft ungrateful individuals wu misleads demselves nt me….i can’t imagine America fighting or vouching 2 stop any of dere reality shows lol…pls solve de main problem guys nd leave de minor 1ce

  3. Even before bbn started dis country was already bleeped the lawmakers are just looking for excuse or something to justify dem selves they shld better look for something else to do other than looking for watin no look for dem

  4. Look, that Daniella of a girl is absolutely right, it should be banned ma sef. Come to think of it, this is the worst #bbnaija of all. The actors are Nigerians, taken to South Africa to act the rubbish, remember we Nigerians have culture, despite the hula baloo we have respect, then the worst South Africans are busy killing our brothers and sisters there in the name of Xenophobia. Can you see how they made us to look stupid in the eyes of the world?

  5. Some one is going home 25 million in big brother naija who na no get work the are all super Stars. what are you guys doing to be rich nothing? lawmakers what have the done to unemployed Nigerians Nigerian who na mumu die……………

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