Some of the best dresses of Oscars 2016

Oscars 2016 Feature

Oscars 2016 was about so much – #OscarsSoWhite, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Rock and his…jokes, bloody Stacey Dash and her ignorant self, the Whoopi Goldberg/Oprah was so hard o remember what the prestigious awards show was actually about.
Oscars 2016 Malin Ackerman

Thankfully though, we’re here to bring you back on the straight and narrow, to remind you what Oscars 2016 – nay, ANY Oscars – is about…



Okay, so we had to wait for the bigger magazines to get the images (like, seriously…you know we’re a small blog based in the UK, right?!) but we’ve had time to pore through acres of dross to bring you the very best of the dresses of Oscars 2016.

Oscars 2016 charlize theron
Sigh. Charlize Theron. Everlasting bae. Timelessly beautiful. Effortlessly elegant. Everything.
Oscars 2016 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Justin Timberlake – the quintessential gentleman and his gorgeous wife Jessica Biel
Oscars 2016 Mindy Kaling
I just love how this dress holds Mandy Kaling together. Small flesh go hungry you when you see this!
Oscars 2016 naomi watts
Naomi Watts ouchea looking like a sexy mermaid. Yum!
Oscars 2016 Lady Gaga
The forward-facing version of this picture is much less flattering as only the power of prayer as well as strong upper arms is holding this dress up, but Lady Gaga is wearing the heck out of it. And it’s a trouser suit as well. Really lush.
Oscars 2016 Lily Collins
I think Lily Collins (daughter to Phil Collins) is wearing the hell out of this dress. The 1920s glamour is perfect for the smaller frame.
Oscars 2016 Marisa Tomei
I’ve loved Marisa Tomei since the days of ‘My Cousin Vinny’ so I don’t think she can put a foot wrong anyway, but this dress is really flattering and age-appropriate too
Oscars 2016 Kate Bosworth
I like this on Kate Bosworth – simple lines with a little feathery flutter of femininity. I like it.
Oscars 2016 Amy Adams
This is all Grecian and drapey and once more really lovely for Amy Adams’ fuller figure (fuller compared to Hollywood anorexia sha)
Oscars 2016 Anne Hathaway
Who says you have to wear a bedsheet if you’re pregnant? Anne Hathaway brought the sparkle and the glamour in this Black number
Oscars 2016 isla fisher
Kai, I love everything about Isla Fisher’s choice. It looks like something I would wear…if I wasn’t actually the size of a house!
Oscars 2016 brie larsen
I think the hairstyle is very nondescript, but Brie Larsen looks bloody beautiful in this blue dress
Oscars 2016 olivia munn
Chei, what is this??? Simple, understated chic!! Olivia Munn is killing me with this outfit! #Yummmmy
Oscars 2016 rachel mcadams
You know what? If I had this frame, I would wear the hell out of this dress! Rachel McAdams gives us dress envy in this number.
Oscars 2016 tina fey
Purple perfection! Tina Fey looks regal and elegant in this dress
Oscars 2016 julianne moore
Julianne Moore’s hair has always filled me with envy, so she gets a pass whatever she’s wearing, although this dress is okay too sha.
Oscars 2016 jennifer garner
Black on the red carpet can be dangerously boring, but Jennifer Garner is ouchea like “I’m here! Now the party can start!” Sumptuous.
Oscars 2016 kate winslet
Kate Winslet on her Titanic, mammy-water steez. Funny she should remember the water on Leonardo DiCaprio’s big nigh. I do like it though; it’s different.
Oscars 2016 saoirse ronan
Another marine marvellousness – Saoirse Ronan s resplendent in this jade green vision.
Oscars 2016 cate blanchett
Cate Blanchett shooting to kill like a gun in flirty blue deliciousness. I am so so here for it!

Please note – all the pictures were courtesy the interwebs – Yahoo News (via Getty Images), The Guardian, and People Magazine.

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