Black Friday? Welcome to 21st century slavery


Our follow follow ehn? E no get part 2. So we will basically just do any and everything we see regardless of whether or not we understand the meaning, intent or purpose, right?

I have Nigerian folk, people who live in Nigeria, all up and down my social media platforms making noise about Black Friday. Some people are putting up deals and discounts to do with their business, others are talking about what they’re going to buy or what they’ve already bought today, and yet others are simply wishing people “Happy Black Friday!” on their pages.

Mumu United fans.

I will give the first group a pass – if there is something out there designed to help push your business along, by all means take advantage of it. This is sound business thinking and I do not begrudge anyone the right to make their pockets fatter. A fool and his money are soon parted, and may God bless the hustle of an honest man doing the parting.

But for the rest of these people, please explain yourselves: na craze? Na home trouble? Na swear? Why don’t you go and wash your heads and receive sense?

I was tempted to research the origin of Black Friday in the writing of the post, then I decided that it was immaterial. Regardless of what it originally stood for, what it is NOW is a ploy from America to get people to part with their cash in some sort of dazed buying frenzy in the belief that they are getting a good deal.

I’m no psychic, but I don’t think Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Femi Otedola or Aliko Dangote care what colour the day of the week is. Everyday is Make Money Day.

I mean, you don’t have to listen to me; what do I know? But today one might try to:

  • Make that difficult phone call that might lead to a new gig.
  • Open a job recruitment website and see what’s out there.
  • Cast a quick glance over  CV once again and see if it can be updated.
  • Talk to that friend about that Joint Venture they’d been mentioning.
  • Even put some old tat from the attic on eBay and turn it into money.

If you really must jump on a bandwagon, jump on the right end – the Make Money end and not the Mugu end.

Receive sense.

Happy ‘Enlarge Your Own Coast‘ day.

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