Boko Haram and Niger Delta Avengers: Nigerian terrorists damaging Nigeria


“The child that burns down his father’s house, will inherit ashes.” ~ African Proverb.

When Boko Haram began terrorising North East Nigeria in late 2010, I called them terrorists and asked the government to deal with them before they became a monster. We all know the Boko Haram story and how the small lizard grew into a huge fire-blowing dragon. Many in the North East condemned them but anyone foolish enough to support Boko Haram in its early days, swiftly came to regret that decision as the terrorists burnt/bombed and devastated the entire North East.

Now, the Niger Delta Avengers are terrorising Nigeria and the South South. They are blowing up oil wells and pipelines. They have vowed to destroy Nigeria economically. While many in the SS have condemned them, there are a small band of vocal cheerleaders egging them on. Maybe they too will learn to regret it once the effects of the devastation are fully seen.

Boko Haram are religious terrorists. Niger Delta Avengers are economic terrorists. They are all Nigerian terrorists, terrorising Nigeria. When a person or group lifts up arms against a government, when they begin planting and detonating bombs, they have made themselves violent terrorists. Any list of demands or reasons why they became terrorists, becomes moot. Deadly violence against the state negates any reason/explanation/self-justification.

Finally, let me be clear. The Nigerian Government and her armed forces have a responsibility to keep Nigeria safe and secure and protect her from all enemies – foreign and domestic.

Dem say small small word dey sufficient for wise man.

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  1. So Niger Delta Avengers is now a terrorist group. How many markets,churches, mosques, place of gathering have the Avengers bombed and killed people? People just don’t know the difference between terrorists and militants.

  2. Don’t compare boko haram with NDA. If we say d truth,it will generate a lot of controversies. One is could be called consequences of spoiling a child or failure to tell them d truth while one is saying d truth in a ruthless form. If I say my opinion in a country where truth is alien to our national life, hnm…..

  3. I am not from either of dis two places but i think niger delta has visions while d so called boko haram don’t. D two can not b compared. But then how i wish niger delta shud stoping destroying govt property, indulge in dialogue n stop blaming Buhari for hardship. Bcos all of us are here in nigeria n know d type of country dis Man Buhari inherited

  4. They are both terrorist dat need to be wipe out on d surface of the earth…….NDA said dey are fighting for their people but na lie they are just fighting for their pockets,BH said they are fifghting for religions but na lie dey are just fighting for their selfishness………I want dem to remeber sumtin dat their is no where in d world dat terrorist has ever overcome military bfro……THEIR END IS NEARER AND FASTER DAN EXPECTED

  • nah lie my guy! am sure you are frm westhern nigeria or north because if you came frm the easth you wont comment this rubish,how would you feel if someone takes something frm your fathers land and also distroy your fathers land in taking that and using it to establish your fathes land but selfishly use it for his own fathers land establishment and you think you will remain silent! pls use your head before talking rubish mtchewg.

  • THE PEOPLE DNT WANT ANY STUPID FREEDOM. We want Garri to b #20 a cup and rice #30 a cup, we want fuel to b #65 and kerosene #50. We want access to University education as free as that of secondary. We want more made in Nigeria goods at affordable price.
    We want the poorest nigeria to have #100 in his pocket, and the richest Nigerian use 50kobo coin to buy candy his kids. We just want a good Economy. Get out with your False Freedom

  • What made the writer of this post imbecilic is inability to differentiate the difference between terrorist groups and freedom fighters and for that calls for concern the standard of universities in nigeria which graduates illiterates year in year out, pls can the writer of this trash visit dictionaries for proper knowledge between “terrorism” and “freedom fight” or better still “seperatism” if you like to avoid misleading the world.

  • That is lie not boko neither NDA nor opc but Nigeria government has distroy Nigeria .Nigeria is a failed nation from 1960 up till today every thing in Nigeria is no . no education ,no job .no elasticity no good road no health services .name them . so is govt has destroy Nigeria

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