Bovi, Basketmouth and Kolo Man brought the LOLs to Indigo2!


Bovi is among the Nigerian comedians who have that rare gift: the ability to remain funny and insightful long after the hunger is gone.

It is easy to crack jokes when you’re down and out; the plight of the poor man would be hilarious if it were not so pitiable. Drinking garri for breakfast, inhaling the smell of Iya Kemi’s fried fish for lunch, and fasting for dinner is funny. Trying to chat up a girl and being reminded that the amount in your pocket will not buy you a verb. Going for a job interview and not being able to understand the big English being spoken to you because hunger. Comedy is, after all, usually the hardest parts of life set to humour.

When you’re being flown business class to go perform at a gig for one hour though, it is harder to plumb the depths of your experience for material. There’s nothing haha-hoho about you sipping that champagne in business class while the rest of the population struggle for 3 seed of tomato.

So to keep a sharp hold on humour, to be able to find the humour in everyday life even as your circumstances change is no mean feat, but Bovi accomplished this with aplomb last night at the Cokobar show ‘Man On Fire’.

Compered by Basketmouth, the show introduced the UK to our first viewing of Kolo Man, and let me tell you something: this brotha is off his rocker! He’s a hilarious and sharp physical comedian, keeping us in stitches as his small frame contorted into all sorts of silly positions. He was a big pant, but he really got us geared up for the headline act, Warri boy, Bovi.

Bovi delivered all sorts of home truths in side-splitting staccato, but the best, the one we all took away from it was this:

It was a fab show all around and a great way to start the week!



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