BREAKING: FRSC suspends Andrew Kumapayi, the scissors-wielding, hair-cutting nitwit


For his lack of discretion, he should be even charged for unprovoked physical and psychological assault on the female officers too, and make it serve as a deterrent for most command-crazy and authority-frenzied cows in human skin, who use public offices to lord over people inappropriately!

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has suspended its Rivers state sector commander, Andrew Kumapayi, for harassing female officers. Kumapayi, while meting out disciplinary action on some female officers, controversially cut their hairs during a routine parade on Monday. Read HERE

The FRSC spokesperson, Bisi Kazeem, confirmed Kumapayi’s suspension on Tuesday morning while addressing the media on the issue. He said that other officers who allegedly participated in that act have been suspended alongside Kumapayi.

He said the sector commander accused the female marshals of carrying long hairdos, which however, was not a crime under any law in Nigeria.

Kazeem said the Corps Marshal of the FRSC, Boboye Oyeyemi, ordered the errant officer’s immediate suspension pending investigation into the incident.

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  • This is absolutely nonsense what right does he have to shave off those ladys hair that’s not fair atall just because he’s there boss, those not give him the Wright to treat them like a slave!!!!!! Has he even consider their husbands how he will fill!!!!!! That’s so cruel of him joor

    • “Otedola” is the name that brought Femi’s father to being governor of Lagos when Sarumi and Agbalajobi went to war in disagreement (ote in Yoruba) between themselves hence becoming the “ola” of baba: same name he bears will ensure nothing unpleasant to him will happen to Kumapayi. I hope the military steps in on his behalf to back his actions as upholding the rule with regards hair and kitting in the military and paramilitary.

    • Fa-fa-foul! The man effected the rule of “severe and dire consequences” as promised offenders and rule breakers in the military and paramilitary. There is a laid down rule of what manner of hair and hair do to have on in uniform, and these girls even had the effrontery to have such hair on the parade grounds!

  • Oh I remembered when these guys (frsc) requested for arms during GEJ and the government refused, please tell me if this man kumapayi had a gun on him will he spare any taxi driver with overload? No! He will definitely kumapayi any motorist that refused to stop!

    • Oga Abiola, if u have ever worked in a government environment u would have understood that they are other forms of disciplinary actions than these, but u sound as a novice to civil and public sector rules and regulations. In fact I doubt if u understand what is going on here

    • @Abiola, u sure u and that authority -blinded FRSC officer don’t have tinz in common. U think if u go to a workplace wit indecent clothes and instead of the boss to at worst send u home or suspend u or other forms of civilised discipline, he cuts d dress or even force u to remove it and go home half naked, u think dats’ discipline ba? Worse still wen u do it to a full grown (possibly married) adult. U think say na primary school u dey operate ni? Mtchhw, he shud be suspended sef

    • Thanks Mr Etim the commandant acted like a sadist he should have given d young woman query or any other punishment if the young pretty lady can open up u will know dat dir is something amiss. @ Abiola if dat lady is ur wife if she comes back with her hair cut in the public like dat just congratulate d commandant ok.

  • And when did the military or paramilitary start differentiating between male and female? All officers are “men” and will be treated as equals as has always been done. In the force, it is always “good morning”. The women erred and broke the rules with regards their code of dressing. The phrase is “severe and dire consequences” for flaunting rules without a mention of what the consequences will be. Let the sector commander be allowed to bring back discipline into the system. We continue to let the worms of corruption and indiscipline eat us away. People are merely being sentimental about “Brazilian human hair” that was never the hair of the offenders and rule breakers in the first place. When you sign into the force you sign to be disciplined, which is the keyword in the force, military, and paramilitary.

  • Andrew Kikumapayi lacks home training. He must be an arrogant, disrespectful megalomaniac with a hollow skull. If this man is not dismissed from FRSC. it mean Buhari’s government is corrupt, as people are saying! How are we sure Kikumapayi does not want to use the hair of those ladies’ officers to do money/protection ritual?

  • The man deserves to be flogged publicly for trying this shit. The problem with Nigerians is that, once you make them heads or give them power, they feel like god’s. Even in primary schools these days, if you are not properly dressed, they send you home. If i be the woman husband, dat man must face charges for assault. It’s either he pay fine or we flog him in public for such rubbish.

  • Good morning all, let’s not concentrate our energy and time on this one event but call for a reorientation and training for our military/para military officers to prevent a reoccurrence of incidents like these. Because it’s the long term that will determine the future of our great nation and its citizens. He has been sanctioned by the authorities in FRSC, which is a good one unlike others who have done worse and gotten away with it. We need to engage more constructively and contribute meaningful ideas and solutions that will lead to a structural and systemic change in how people thrust with the collective power of the state exercise the powers bestowed on them by us.

  • What he did is unprofessional! He should be charged accordingly! Cutting someone’s wife hair in the name of work? Whats the usefulness of query or some other corrective measures as embedded in their rules? By their actions you shall know power drunk people!!!! A beg make I charge ma phone…..

  • Are there no traditional custodians in Ikwerre land? This is really an abomination of the h eighest order traditionally. This man must be brought to appise this land that he has desdaind.

  • Nigeria is a barbaric country full of power-drunk men! Harassment of d female gender by their male counterpart is a normal occurrence in public n domestic life. And am a witness to that, I was harassed by a male immigration officer who stopped me at d gate n even threatening to shoot if I didn’t stop saying I was not properly dressed! Of-course I was furious and felt really offended and if I had not stopped to answer his interrogation he threatened to shoot. Shame on Nigeria n he was an immigration officer!

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