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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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BREAKING: FRSC suspends Andrew Kumapayi, the scissors-wielding, hair-cutting nitwit

For his lack of discretion, he should be even charged for unprovoked physical and psychological assault on the female officers too, and make it...

Iku ma pa e! Kumapayi and other FRSC commanders chop women’s...

Please note that he is a commander in the FRSC, the Road Safety Transport Corps. Road Safety. Now, I know many things have been responsible for road hazards and accidents in Nigeria - potholes, bad driving, passengers not wearing seat belts, or even petrol tankers randomly keeling over and spontaneously bursting into flames. Not once have I heard of a problem on the road caused by Yaki, Colour 33, 18 inches.

SHOCKING! FRSC Sector Commander in Rivers state “disciplines” female staff by...

Just when you thought nothing Nigeria does to you will shock you anymore, just when you thought you've grown tolerant to Naija's shenanigans, this...