We ’bout to Brexit! Theresa May triggers historic Article 50 to pull UK from the EU


Until you people went and spoilt everything, not so? It was all going so well. The UK was part of the EU while being set apart. We had our own currency and a lot of leverage. We chose which EU laws we wanted to abide by, and we left that which we didn’t like on the table.

However, where are we today? Our un-elected Prime Minister, Theresa May has today triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, kickstarting the UK’s intent to leave the EU permanently.

For someone who claims to be a Bremainer, Theresa is very gung-ho about pushing this divorce through. A divorce that we are so busy implementing that no one has sat down for a moment to elucidate on who gets to keep the kids or the Enya CD. Be that as it may, the people voted and so it should be that their wishes – however imbecilic I might think them – be granted.

The triggering of Article 50, however, is just the beginning of a long, drawn-out journey. We have no idea of what this would mean to EU citizens who live and work here. We have no idea what this will mean for import, export or labour migration. What will it mean for the pound?? We have no cogent answers nor explanations; all we know is we ’bout to Brexit.

And what about laws? Because thousands of our laws are wrapped up in Europe. Brexit means creating new laws for almost every aspect of our daily lives – from the safety of the toys children play with to the price of the vegetables you’re buying to your right to live, study and work in other countries. New laws that are proposed and passed by the strongest party in parliament.

Yes, there will be many discussions, debates and obfuscations between Article 50 and an emancipated UK. In the mean time, I plan to go to Marbella and Paphos as often as I can and soak up some sun. Lord knows it won’t be just the weather that’s going to be dreary in the UK very soon.

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