Six key points from Theresa May Brexit speech


Theresa May Brexit speech: after a prolonged period of silence, there is headway from the British camp regarding Brexit. To an extent, I do not see that there will be massive change; but on the other hand, it seems like nothing will remain the same.

Ms May wants out of the Single Market…but wants a trade deal arrangement. We will be officially out of the EU…but we will still pay towards the EU. The prime Minister wants to be able to strike deals with non-EU countries…but since Qatar owns half of London anyway, I thought we were already doing that? Anyway, what do I know?


6 Points From Theresa May Brexit Speech

  1. Final Brexit deal will be put to a vote in both houses of Parliament.
  2. Brexit MUST mean CONTROL of our own borders. Part of the deal will mean the UK will determine the number of EU citizens moving to the UK.
  3. While the UK will pursue a BOLD free trade deal with the EU, it will opt out of membership of the Single Market.
  4. Whereas this was previously untenable, the Prime Minister wants the UK to be able to strike deals with non-EU countries. This means Britain will not retain its full membership of the Customs Union. Rather Ms May wants some form of Customs Union with the EU.
  5. The Prime Minister has conceded that the UK may continue to make some form of payment towards the EU but, she warned, it won’t be “vast”.
  6. Steering clear of an abrupt separation, Theresa May has confirmed that she wants a “phased process of implementation” on any deal in order to avoid a “disruptive cliff edge”

Of course, there have been various reactions to this. The EU is not best pleased:

And Scotland does not want to be part of the shenanigans either:

And Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has shared his disappointment, stating that by her actions, Ms May had turned her back on Margaret Thatcher’s greatest economic achievement, the world’s largest borderless single market”, adding: “It’s an astonishing mutation from Conservative into UKIP-light.”

The prime minister has pledged to act in the interests of the young and future generations. Yet she has now set herself on a course which emphatically rejects what the overwhelming majority of young voters said they wanted in the Brexit referendum. Claiming to represent the interests of the young whilst pursuing a hard Brexit which will damage their interests will only deepen the generational divide highlighted by the Brexit referendum. This speech is a kick in the teeth for the youth of Britain.

Yup, the consensus seems to be that Brexit is gonna be a bag of Skittles. The only people still gung ho about The Exit are the hard line Brexiters. Let’s watch this space, shall we?


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