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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Terry Adido of Grated Nutmeg

Bakers keep us sweet with Africa Day Cake Art Collaboration

On Africa Day, Wednesday 25th May 2016, social media platforms Facebook and Twitter were taken over by the Africa Day Cake Art Collaboration to celebrate Africa Day with the world in a very African...
The Duet - An Anthology of Poems

African theatre at its finest: all Lagosians should go see ‪THE‬ DUET (An Anthology...

One of the pivotal reasons for starting Viva Naija is because I went to watch Ola Rotimi's 'The Gods Are Not To Blame' on a stage here in London Town and I was disappointed...

Queen Latifah To Release First Album In Over A Decade

Queen Latifah revealed to The Blast that after a nearly 10-year break, she finally has new music on the way. The outlet caught up with Latifah in New York City on Thursday to ask her...
Afrobeats by Michael Tubes

Photographer Michael Tubes continues to soar higher with latest exhibition!

This June sees Michael Tubi, popularly known as Michael Tubes, presenting his collection on AfroBeats. Showcasing a full room of African artistry, he is setting a record by being the first exhibitor to do so. Michael’s unique eye for photography goes back...
taraji p henson at the golden globes 2016

Golden Globe Awards 2016: Cookie Lyon and the Full List Of Winners

The recognition and rewards for putting in an excellent performance on the set of "Empire" TV series for two seasons keeps raking in for Taraji P. Henson aka 'Cookie Lyon'. First, she was named...
PAVEU - african_virtual_university

AU Commissioner Prof. Sarah Agbor Launches PAVEU: Pan African Virtual and e-University in Cameroon

On Friday, 20th December, the African Union Commission launched PAVEU, the Pan African Virtual and e-University, making education more accessible on the continent than ever before. The event took place in Cameroon, with Professor...

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Wins Pen Pinter Prize 2018 Award

Many may disagree with Chimamanda’s thoughts as a feminist, and plan a coup for it, and very few courageous ones may disagree with her talent as a writer. However, there are others who highly appreciate...
Oresegun olumide

Oresegun Olumide says “take more…more of me”

More awe-inspiring works from the talented Nigerian artist, Olumide Oresegun, surfaced online in the past week. And, all the paintings were singing to my ears was "more of me,...just more of me". I'm sure Picasso...

Nigerian Artist wins 8th Yanghyun Prize, gets 18 Million Naira prize money

This is Bravo stuff, we ain't stopping. Oga Femi Adesina should not come and be famzing this one as another "Sai Baba" feat oh, else, I go vex...ehn ehn. This is dedication rewarded, passion refuelled,...
Kelvin Okafor Art -7 - Eyes of Daniel

The day Nigerian art took the world by storm: Meet Oresegun Olumide and Kelvin...

A status that started as a throwaway tag on Facebook has become an overnight sensation - two Nigerian artists, Oresegun Olumide and Kelvin Okafor, whose works have left us all marvelling speechlessly - have...