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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A tale of two crowns: the Ooni of Ife visits the UK

The Ooni of Ife touched down in London over the weekend, and as always, he was a majestic sight to behold. Okay, I know I am partial, but as Nigerian kings go, His Imperial Majesty...

How HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ has turned Northern Ireland into a tourism hot spot

The popularity of the fantasy television saga, which returns on April 14 for its eighth and final season - as excited as we are, sees 30 coaches of tourists a week travelling to filming...
Adekola Ademuyiwa the Human Wikipedia - Feature

MUST WATCH: Adekola Ademuyiwa the ‘Human Wikipedia’ will wow you beyond words!

It was an evening that succeeded a busy day in early February, 2017. I was waiting at the mechanic's workshop in Bodija, Ibadan to pick up my car. Enter this man with some "current...
Dawn of Thunder Indiegogo

Dawn of Thunder Indiegogo now LIVE! Please give generously!

The story of Sango - THE BADDEST GUY EVER LIVETH! - now has the opportunity to get told told in properly! Crowdfunding - Dawn of Thunder Indiegogo has officially been launched! You can become...
lagos nigeria

Nigeria Could Teach the West a Few Things – Tyler Cowen for Bloomberg

Nigeria Could Teach the West a Few Things is an article written by Tyler Cowen for Bloomberg and can be found here >> http://bloom.bg/2hRqocm A trip is often defined by its surprises, so here are my...
PAVEU - african_virtual_university

AU Commissioner Prof. Sarah Agbor Launches PAVEU: Pan African Virtual and e-University in Cameroon

On Friday, 20th December, the African Union Commission launched PAVEU, the Pan African Virtual and e-University, making education more accessible on the continent than ever before. The event took place in Cameroon, with Professor...
Yoruba siblings - Dayo Agboola Photography - Feature

In Yoruba Names “Ọlá” Does Not Always Mean “Wealth” – Kola Tubosun

One common stereotype about Yorùbá names is that they, on the surface, always seem obsessed with wealth. It is incompatible with the truth, of course, but examples are usually provided easily to show how...
Ooni of Ife 3rd visit to UK-110

The Ooni of Ife royal lecture at Chatham House

Chatham House, The Royal International Institute of Foreign Affairs in the United Kingdom which is acknowledged for its enviable scientific, political, economic and intellectual discourses played host to His Imperial Majesty (HIM) Ọba Adéyeyè...

Africa, my Africa! Check out Okavango Safari Lodge – Okavango Delta, Botswana

A small boutique luxury hotel in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, the Okavango Safari Lodge and it is a marvel.  The Okavango Delta is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the African continent....

10 most romantic places in the world to spend quality time with your love...

One of my life's goals is to travel around the world, exploring new cultures, lifestyle, beauty, peace and serenity with the one I love by my side to share the sweet memories with. Seeing new...