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Saturday, July 24, 2021
Michael Tubes weds Christina Kalejaiye - The perfect shot of the perfect couple - Feature

The picture-perfect wedding of celeb photographer Michael Tubes and wife Christina

If a photographer is worth their salt, their pictures will make you feel as though you attended the event yourself. And if you did attend, every time you saw the picture, you would be...

Traditional Wedding Ceremony – Ruby & Oladipo Omiyale

A beautiful wedding ceremony took place in London over the weekend, photos inside!

Trevor Noah May Have Been Born A Crime, But He Legitimately Won My Heart!

Halfway through the first day of his sold-out UK book launch, Trevor Noah confesses: "I set out to write a book about my life. A book that would chart my life growing up in the...

Maze Couture Exhibits Newest Stitches in Greenwich Pop Up Shop

You know sometimes you hear about a new brand and all of a sudden you see them everywhere and wonder if you've been living under a rock the whole time? Well, that's how I...

25th Wedding Anniversary & 50th Birthday Party For Oluseyi Omosebi – 01.08.15

Last weekend, Mrs Oluseyi Sanusi-Omosebi celebrated her 50th birthday as well as her 25th wedding anniversary to her husband Mr Dele David Omosebi. The event was attended by their close friends and family, the beautiful...
Basira in London-Feature

Basira in London Movie Premiere a Sold Out Success!

Basira in London - the movie premiere that rocked London! Over 1200 tickets sold, 6 screens at capacity crowd and the Who's Who of the Nigerian elite.

We may be bad but we’re perfectly good at it – fun times and...

It had been too long since the last TAWA Chillout and the anticipation was clear as soon as the guests started walking into the intimate venue. We were chomping at the bit to get...

Happiness is friends, fundraising and fun at the TAWA Chillout

You must be living under a rock if, by now, you do not know that I loves me some TAWA Chillout. Who in their right minds would pass up the opportunity to watch grown folk...
69 - The Movie - TY Moore cast and crew - red carpet

69 – The Movie: Yoruba Nollywood making great strides in the UK

It is no wonder that the Yoruba Nollywood film 69 - The Movie, was very cagey about giving away the plot of the film. Viva Naija took great pleasure in publicising the event because...
©SHW Photogrpahy - Naija Pop-Up-feature

Nigerian Express Pop-Up by Celebrated Chef Nky Iweka 08/08/15

Naija choppings received the haute cuisine treatment in North London.