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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Facebook pastors and the hunt for the Proverbs 31 Woman

Facebook Conversations: Him: See, all these women are not submissive. A virtual woman is hard to find these days. We men need to pray and bid this spirit of the Antichrist. For me, I will...
i Laff with MC Abbey - General

I Laff With MC Abbey – London go dey alright on Sat 26th August!

Something that started like play like play has turned into an annual must-attend event! MC Abbey had a dream to bring wholesome comedy to the UK, and he did just that! The show that brought...

You Know Your Mum Is Nigerian When…

You know your mum is Nigerian - when she says "Get my kini" and believes with all confidence that she gave birth to a mind reader when you say "Mummy, I'm Sorry" and she replies "Sorry...
Dealing with theft

Tales from my plot: How to deal with acts of theft

Dealing with theft The rate of crime in my plot is always floating at an all-time high (someone once stole the communal tap), with the theft of pegs, dusters, and brooms the most reported crimes....

Happy mother’s day…but it’s like we’re celebrating women everyday now o!

Aaaaaah aaaaaaaahh!! Happy Mother's Day again??? Shebi we still celebrated something for them 10 minutes ago? Oginni?? Just yesterday, they told us, Valentine's Day. We bought perfume, we bought flower! The following day, they came up with "International Day...
Michael Jordan crying

mazi abe’s side: Beer Parlour Economics 102 and the continued fall of the Naira

Just as the Naira is finding its realistic level under the prevailing circumstances, The Nigerian economic Common Sense is finding its own level. As the ban on importation of toothpick begins to take effect, the Consumers...
Indomie and egg by 9jafoodie

On The Matter Lof Indomie Hàn Hegg! A man’s tale of trying to eat...

Hunger is perhaps the most efficient tool of Poverty. Its wicked ability to make the most undesirable suddenly turn desirable is sufficiently magical! It's the sadistic effect of waterboarding; whereupon a thirsty man forced...
mazi abes corner - final

mazi abe’s corner: Quest For The Golden Grail: Silverspoon vs Omo’rogun

One came into the world with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. The other needed a sharp crack of the local midwife's omo'rogun to elicit the first baby cry ; he was that...

When you live a forced life

If you are a guy who has a friend in this my plot, and you borrowed his house so that you could lie that it was yours when you'd take your new girlfriend there...
Sapele Water

You Wanna Watch That Sapele Water. It’ll Getcha!

I'm not even mad at him. Clearly the force is strong with this one. I'm scared of his partner who's out here calmly matching him back-snap for back-snap! https://www.facebook.com/mynigerianmusic/videos/10152801828871044/?fref=nf