Chimamanda Adichie fights AGAINST feminism in her recent Hillary Clinton interview


Many of us that are of the school of thought that people are not allowed to get upset or disappointed in our posts are the same ones defending Chimamanda Adichie for being an emotional blackmailer.

Chimamanda claims she was upset that Hillary described herself as a wife, and you think this is a fight for feminism?

You have a right to ask questions but not to tell me how you feel about MY choices. Because, quite frankly, who are you? Why should I care how you feel about my life choices?

You see, there is a fine line between doing your job and being nosy. Chimamanda Adichie was being nosy. A lot of those defending her are the same ones who will be quick to berate those village people/Facebook police who tell you which picture is meant only for your husband or which one will take you to hell.

Chimamanda was being a typical Naija gbeborun girl. If she stopped at simply asking why, this would not even be a debate but she being a monitoring spirit and suddenly we all are being woke about it.

I am putting this situation in all the terms Nigerians understand because it’s like #BBNaija has taken us away from the country, we are all now talking through our noses.

The kind of argument being presented by Chimamanda has no iota of logic but many of us jump off the cliff for anything feminism these days. This to me had nothing to do with feminism the moment the interviewer introduced her feelings into the discussion. It became a where she was demanding or expecting to be pleased by every woman out there. Like she is the stamp of authority on who is being a real woman or not.

If you still don’t see why these kinds of attitudes should not be condoned, you are likely to vote Buhari come 2019. It’s the same attitude carried by those who accuse all of us of insulting elders anytime we say the truth about the inept leadership of Nigeria.

Please, when you are on international or national platforms, keep your emotions carefully tucked away in the darkest corners of your recycle bin or waste basket. The only opinion that counts is the interviewee’s. Ask your questions and move on.

Feature image courtesy: TheNet.NG

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