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Nigerians and fake accents

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala studied in two of the most prestigious Universities in the world; MIT and Harvard. She had a magma cum laude from Harvard at...

Chimamanda Adichie fights AGAINST feminism in her recent Hillary Clinton interview

Many of us that are of the school of thought that people are not allowed to get upset or disappointed in our posts are...

Chimamanda is Queen of Clapbacks but ARE there libraries in Nigeria?

I salute Chimamanda's quick wit; she's a witty weaver of warranted retorts to witless questions apparently bereft of thorough thought like this one below: But...

Maami – a traditional Yoruba poem

Maami, this day shall pass away To usher in a boundless joy The energy invested in the hurdles of life Shall be regained in the pleasure of...

#ThrowbackThursday to when Chimamanda Adichie urged us all to be feminists...

Chimamanda Adichie - We Should All Be Feminists: you may have been present and remember the electricity in the TEDxEuston room as the final...

A tribute to my grandfather

Baba Right in your warm embrace I wrecked mama's heavy meal I gulped from your palm wine tank In readiness for the Ijapa travels. You rained blessings on me before...

ADUNNI – A Love Poem To A Yoruba Maiden

Adunni, let me be lost in your heart For I listen not to the hunter's trumpet. Adunni, let me go astray in your thoughts For I give...

APEKE – Traditional African Poetry

Tell Apeke I am the famous cocoa merchant Tell her my fame spread across the clan Tell Apeke I am the igbakeji Oba The balogun that brought...

Karara: the Balogun of Ilorin (Traditional African Poetry)

Tell them not to flaunt Modakeke to his ears Tell them not to recite that Oyo has western strength Let them not gasconade latosisa in his...

AMARACHI – traditional African poetry

Let us bring out the ekwe, The ogene and the sounding udu. Let us drum up the new found affection Let us do inyanga for the umu...