Christian: What does it mean?


It’s almost like some people have made a joke of the true essence of living. It’s almost like folks are now professional comedians using their lives to crack expensive jokes…I wonder who is laughing. The devil perhaps!

What’s the essence of life? What’s the whole point of living?

Yes you are a Christian but please what does that mean? What exactly does it translate to? Do you really know what that means? Do you even care?

Is it a status? Just like the ‘single’, ‘married’, ‘its complicated’ statuses on Facebook? Is that what it is? Is it a code name to let people know that on Sundays you won’t be home watching TV or be available to do anything else ‘cause you would be going somewhere called ‘Church’ to worship God? Is that what it is?

What does being a Christian mean?

Does it mean that you won’t be available when your colleagues want to go party and have a drink? Is that it?

Does it mean your name is Abraham who would get married to a Sarah and would name his son Isaac?

Does it mean during Easter you would not eat any meat that has blood in it so you can have a ‘sober reflection’ of the sacrifice Jesus paid for you at the cross’? Is that what it means?

Does it mean you won’t wear what belongs to the opposite sex or you won’t have an ear piercing?

What does being Christian really mean?

Are we even interested in knowing what this means or are we satisfied and content with the explanations we were taught in Sunday school?

Are we interested in knowing exactly what it means or are we determined to carve out a definition of our own?

There are so many definitions around all you need do is look closely and you’ll be marveled at how many there are. It seems like folks have somehow found great delight in carving out their own Christian niche; One that functions only by the rules they permit and that totally aligns to the standards they’ve termed ‘godly’.

Whatever happened to what God really intends? Whatever happened to what the Word says? What happened to all of that?

How do we even read the bible? Do we read it to just validate points we’ve established already? Do we go through the pages of God’s written Word searching for references we can use to validate our life research of what should be and what should not?

Can we be real for just a minute? Can we stop being actors in this never ending play?

Let’s do this for all the right reasons and stop making a joke out of our lives.

If we are going to do anything at all, let’s do it well!

So you are a Christian and you are not even willing to take serious something as defining as the Kingdom to which you now belong?

So you believe Christ died for you but you are not even aware of what that death symbolizes.

You believe he was beaten but somehow those stripes are not potent enough to heal you even after He said that by those stripes you are healed.

You believe you were made in the image and likeness of God but you don’t think you’ve got the authority to rule and dominate and subdue the earth like He said you should.

You are comfortable being tossed up and down by situations in life and crying to God to come save you from something He’s given you victory over already?

The Bible is an occasional book you visit to get fancy scriptures that reaffirm the spiritual man that just gets fed on crumbs once a week! The God you say you serve only gets to hear your voice when you’ve got things you want to ask for!

Praising him is one haphazard show you put up when the keyboardist strikes the perfect key and the drummer drums it like it’s hot.

This same God is the one you don’t even bring up in conversations when folks are discussing about the many forces they believe rule the earth.

It seems like God is now a holiday plan that people activate when they want to take a break from their busy and normal lives.

Wake up Sleeper, lift you head you were made for more than this.

Stop acting a movie with the precious life Jesus died to give you. If you are going to be a Christian indeed you had better start living like one. The standard of who a Christian should be is all written in the Word. Spend enough time with it and you’ll know exactly what you are supposed to look like.

If Christian is the status, let it be in deed and not just a title.

As awesome as statuses are they are worth nothing in reality if they are just on paper and not in deed.

Just a thought


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