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queens college

I have watched the trending Queens College video, and I saw just two things.

I did NOT see the correction of rule allegedly flouted.
I did NOT see eyelashes.
I did NOT see a scuffle between two parties.
I did NOT see who is right and who is wrong.

No, rather, I saw just two things.

1. I saw a MOTHER! Yes, in caps. Simple as that.
2. I saw the reflection of a broken society via those elements of irresponsibility who laid their hands on that pupil.

If you watched that video and you weren’t blinded to the supposed sin the girl committed by the blinding rays of irresponsibility on show, then, you need help.

If you’ve had time to sit back and pontificate faults to the parties involved as if you just watched a street fight, you need to check yourself.

I’ve always given people a benefit of doubt, that you do not need to literally become a parent to understand what parental instinct is, that all you need is just sensitive sense and some good amount of blood down your veins. But apparently, I’m wrong.

Apparently, you can’t understand what you don’t have. I mean, that’s what you lot are saying by faulting a mother who did exactly what her instinct purred, mother!


How does violently shoving and shaming a minor fix her supposed misdemeanor? Just how? And some of you are here typing horseshit about a MOTHER’s reaction or action to that?

We are a strange, damaged people, Nigerians.

For the life of me, how we got to this extent of deploying both physical and verbal abuse as a weapon of discipline, is something I’ll never understand.

It is something, the something why I’ll never readily trust my ward with you, Nigerians.

Orí most of us kò pé rárá.

You keep projecting your own insecurities and diseased complexes on other people, all the time, and to you, you have sense and you’re doing right. And it shows in every thing we do; religion, relationships, roles, communication, government, etc, today it was in the way we see and apply education.

Damaged people with diseased complexes who in their jungle morality, will never embrace the value of human right first, even in the face of alleged criminality or broken law.

Human right first. Due process first. But no, “my parents planked me too, and I did not die”.

Unrepentant, proud neanderthals.

I mean, there are some things we shouldn’t argue about for a second. The security personnel and the school authority (which I’m deliberately believing was represented by the voice of the ‘pharisee’ woman shouting ‘crucify her’ in the video), are all sick moral bandits who merely identify as building blocks of this suckciety…..this your society that just sucks.

Let me just stop before I get angry…Damn!

© Sayo Aluko

sayo aluko

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