Davido and late Tagbo Umeike: a tale of irresponsibility and negligence


The police say Davido’s friend that died, Tagbo, necked 40 shots of tequila on the ill-fated night.

Whattt??? 40 shots? of tequila? 😳😳😳

Even God will haff to wait for him to sober up before he can ask him why he is reporting earlier than his time.

How did we get here with our youth of today?

When we were growing up, we rode Chopper® and Raleigh® bikes, read James Hadley Chase and Mills and Boons® novels, wrote soppy love letters, went to Amusement parks, Port Harcourt or Ikoyi club to swim, while the daring ones sneaked off to breakfast parties where you will be lucky to get a bottle of warm Harp® beer.

Even the less fortunate had their own kind of fun rolling tires or swinging on makeshift janglovas.

But nowadays, all they know is “chasing the dragon” or a game of “tequila sunrise”.

Smoking weed to them is like puffing on a stick of Benson and Hedges®. Chai!

Many of the youth have become professors of chemistry, specialising in mixing Codeine and Benilyn cough mixture to get a high. I fear!

But more seriously, if the bar man who served him was actually counting, then he should be charged for something, like aiding and abetting or negligence of duty or due care.

I noh get the facts about Davido’s culpability, so I no get opinion. But it seems the rascal has a lot to answer for and needs a good Femi Falana.

As a seasoned drinker, I can only advise:

Drink sensibly, not irresponsibly.


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