DNA paternity test palaver: to do or not to do?


The whole of Nigeria’s social media is abuzz with DNA paternity test on every feed; the war against infidelity has taken a bizarre turn. “The wind have blow and fowl yansh have expose” is no longer a funny something. It seems women have been eating extramarital pies just as much as the men! It is beautiful to see the tables turn, e joorr e fun mi lomi tutu, iya olounje! One cold bottle of water there, Mama Put! This wind of change is explosive. This started out as just one of those simple “from my inbox” posts and has escalated into threats of kidnap and murder.

One Mr. Ben Victor made a post in his popular sex group “ILA OTU” of a man who was asking for advice on the price range for checking DNA of his children. The aftermath of this “innocent” question is this full blown war, as women are out to prove that men have no moral right to doubt their wife’s fidelity. “Every cheating man, deserves an unfaithful woman,” Nkechi Bianze postulates. Apparently posting about this issue of paternity and DNA test had pissed some angry wife whose husband was busy standing with the anonymous post in the sex group.

Why do women fidget when issues of infidelity arise? Men have been known to proudly boast about the natural philandering instincts they carry. Women are grossly disadvantaged in African marriages and this could be the only time to have a show down. Women have as much right to the home as a man does, but the society says otherwise. While the man has every right to bring home a child born out of wedlock, the woman would be thrown out of her matrimonial home. Are we not courting dishonesty? Maybe we should just allow this DNA tests, let the men discover they are not as untouchable as they think.

When a man claims he has a right to cheat because he is a man, does he not consider that he needs a woman (another man’s) wife for his inappropriate actions? Fidelity is not negotiable and this issue  of paternity tests only prove it more.

The cost of paternity tests should not be used as excuse, any educated man who has enough money to waste on philandering should also have enough money to confirm his suspicion. There is no peace for the wicked! I doubt if any faithful man would be found agitating for paternity tests, faithfulness should reasonably be the result of faithfulness and infidelity should be expected from infidelity. The most embarrassing part of this situation is that even men who have been utterly unable to keep their male parts under control will be busy clamouring for paternity test.

Brother, ika ni yin sir! You’re a very wicked somebody! If you think tasting here and there should be acceptable for you, why are you praying for a faithful woman to suffer the proceeds of your unfaithfulness? Fidelity is not negotiable and if we do not learn anything at all from this “DNA” debate, we should at least understand that unbridled sexual desires are possible for both men and women. A man can be a prostitute as much as a woman can be a prostitute, argue with your paternity results.

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