7 Essential Steps to Starting a Business


Businessman looking at Innovation plan.Starting a business, your very own business, is perhaps the culmination of the life’s dream of many people. With a passion to succeed and zeal to work towards building a flourishing business, taking the first baby step towards business start-up is not such an uphill task if you have the right plan, resources and support to hand.

Most people find themselves hesitating before starting a business primarily because they are afraid of failing. But this is a small hindrance in the path to your success as an entrepreneur. A few simple things, if kept in mind, will help you tremendously not only in your business start-up but also in converting your ambition into success.


Below are some very important factors that should form the basic foundation of any new business:

  1. Setting up Clear Goals and Strategies: This is perhaps the crucial factor which decides whether your business will succeed. Your goals and implementation of strategies should be very precise, practical and clear-cut. In summary you should know which road to take, which resources to use, your budget, what profit you are looking forward to making and more. This gives a much focused approach to your business start-up and the ability to manage unexpected events successfully.
  2. Manpower Management: Manpower is the key to success for your business. This is also an area where you need to loosen your purse strings a bit. You need to ensure that you hire the best people available so that you get better and quicker returns on your investment in the days to come. Hiring people is not just about staff, it’s also about contractors, freelancers and others who are there to help you create a smooth start-up process.
  3. Find your Niche: Innovation is the force which catapults your business towards success. Instead of going with the general flow, it is very important to give a certain amount of exclusivity to your business. Business start-up and subsequent maintenance becomes easier if you are able to find your niche from the start and create your own community.
  4. Realistic Expectations Worthy of your Services and Products: Having realistic expectations does not necessarily mean that you have to sell yourself cheap. You should never underestimate the power of your services and undervalue them just to get a few customers. This can have long term implications as customers will keep asking for quality services at cheap rates thereby putting a question mark on your achieving the required bottom line.
  5. Market Survey: It is extremely essential as a start-up to understand and have a broad knowledge about the market you want to cater for.  Having a good understanding of what your customers’ need will set you on the right path in business.  Knowing your competitors thoroughly including their strategies and reasons for success and failure will give you the required framework to formulate and implement the correct policies and decisions in your business.
  6. Customer Service: Customers are the pillars of your business and you should always ensure that the customer service policy you have in place not only helps you bring in new customers but also helps retain them. A happy, satisfied customer is always an asset which will invariably add more value to your business through referrals and more.
  7. Keeping a Tight Rein on the Business: Your business is your own. No matter how efficient your employees are, you should never relinquish the controls of the company to them. It is your job not only to be in sync with every aspect your business but also keep yourself updated.

Following these simple but powerful tips will ensure opportunities and success come knocking at your doorstep. The proceeds of a good plan will make you glad you took the bold step to start your own business.

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I wish you perpetual business success!

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