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Changing mindsets one person at a time

Yesterday, I called a Facebook friend. He's got a 12-year old. In the middle of our conversation, his girl requested to speak with me. During...

“How much did they first pay you to give up on...

Clooney: "Your children's admiration means a lot to you, right? " Newly Fired Guy: "Yeah?" Clooney: "Oh well, they shouldn't." Fired Guy: "Hey asshole, aren't you supposed...

Why you absolutely NEED a niche market to succeed in business

Anybody who's anybody in business will tell you that you cannot be all things to all people. You need a niche market. This is...

How to find solutions for business problems

Business problems happen to the best of us but when they do happen, one way of looking at a problem when it's identified is to...

Six Smart Ways to Make Money From Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power!  It can bring multiple solutions to so many people all around the world and bring you profit too. The power resident...

Can Your Life Experiences Be a Lifeline?

What is within your life experiences that might be useful to others? I want to touch on a topic that is so dear to me...

Invest in yourself: a degree is not everything

We have previously discussed setting our priorities straight as young adults, but perhaps we should approach something else, something we all know but usually neglect:...

7 Essential Steps to Starting a Business

Starting a business, your very own business, is perhaps the culmination of the life's dream of many people. With a passion to succeed and...

Meet Elizabeth Holmes: Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire

While trying to breathe and not be at all jealous with my Methuselah self, I would like to introduce you to Elizabeth Holmes, the...