Freak For The Week II: Steamy Windows As The Lawyer Signs Off On Her Brief

Steamy Windows Lawyer Car Sex - Feature

Part 1

“Hey” he nodded as he strode jauntily towards his car, pert bum switching from left to right under his smart tan chinos trousers.

I nodded silently as I got into ‘Toyboy’ my 6 month old 2015 model Toyota; at the same time dropping my laptop bag on the floor of the seat beside me, I started my car just as he drove off in his Audi Q7, his tyres making a crunching noise on the gravel.

I have seen him enough times to know we both work in the same high rise building, I’m just not sure who he works for and what floor he is on…. I gave him a name “Pert Bum Hunk” a few times after meeting him in the car park where we always meet – we both work late and tend to leave for home around the same time.

His bottom as you can imagine is perfect and always clad in perfectly ironed trousers or jeans and I would watch him walk towards his car whenever I got the chance. We never exchanged more than hey or a few nods; I was fine with this for a while, satisfying my curiosity by simply watching his retreating bum.

Last weekend however became the tenth week I have gone without, that useless Jackson is presently in Ghana on some work thing and won’t be back for another 3 weeks, things are getting desperate around here. I have even told Nkiru about ‘Pert Bum Hunk” and she smirked and went “you should go for it, a pert bum on a guy is always a good sign”

Nkiru and I are both 37 years old, single, very successful lawyers, we work very long hours and make lots of money at it. Nkiru in the litigations department of a big oil & gas firm, I in Corporate finance whoring my legal services out to the highest bidder from my own eponymous law firm.

Our long hours mean we have not had much time for dating, so we have resorted to that nasty habit of having steady “fuck buddies” – that guy that is available for sex whenever you need it but not much else and you don’t mind because you don’t want much else either, especially not from him.

I headed towards my house in Parkview estate still thinking about ‘pert bum hunk’ and trying to come up with a plan for nailing his pert ass.


Steamy Windows Lawyer Car Sex - Feature

Part 2

“Hello” he said and smiled, getting out of his 4×4 with as much grace as any man could muster, his shoes shone and his trousers hung on his waist like he was born wearing them; I stared at the bulge in front of his trouser while trying to accept the fact that “Pert Bum Hunk” who I have been scheming about, just said hello to me.

His car is parked right beside mine within the strictly drawn white lines of the car park and he was standing in close proximity with me as I closed my car boot after fetching my laptop bag and some work papers.

“Good morning” I tried to smile.

“My face is up here you know,” he continued his smile a little wider.

“What did you say?” I asked shocked at his directness.

“I caught you staring, you used to be more subtle”

“I wasn’t staring!”

“Yes you were, don’t be chicken now” he smiled and headed towards the office entrance “have a lovely day” he called back to me where I was still standing in surprise.

The rest of the day went in a blur, all I could think about was his cheeky smile and the knowing look in his eyes as I went through file after file, listening to my assistants with only half an ear.

I called Nkiru at half past 2pm to tell her about this morning and her verdict “You are getting laid. Soon.” The thought of it sent shivers down my spine.

Around 4pm, a particularly difficult but very important client called. He was upset and needed placating and a lot of work done to show we were still on his disgruntled page… the rest of the day flew by and I was in the office till 11pm, I was sure I had missed my car park friend now.

I walked to the car park slowly my Jimmy Choos crunching the gravel, I looked around quickly before pressing the button that opened my car doors automatically and that was when I heard his voice;

“What took you so long?”

“Huh?” I said, startled and a little frightened to be spoken to in an empty car park.

“What took you so long?” he asked again, I’ve been here for an hour”

“You were?”

“Yes. Waiting for you” he finished getting out of his car, “I figured I should put you out of your misery and give you a proper view of what you have been sneaking glances at”

“Let’s hope I won’t be disappointed” I smiled now, a coil of excitement running down my belly. I  dropped my laptop in my car, my heart raising so loudly I could barely hear my own voice. I can’t believe I am about to do this.

“I would be happy to hear your feedback then” he said.

“So…?”  I waited.

“Come get in the car with me” he invited me.

“Okay” I made to go round his car to the passenger side.

“No, not there, here” he said opening his door and smiling.


“Like this,” he pulled me into the opening between his car and mine and lifted me into his lap so I could straddle him, that was when I realised his car seat was fully pushed back and reclined.

“Comfortable?” he asked.

“As can be”

“Good” then he raised his head and kissed me, first gently, tasting my lips the lower and the upper, his lips full and soft; then he dipped his tongue in my mouth, searching, discovering. I followed him.

His hand caressed my shoulders, my neck and my back, before coming round to cup my 36F breasts, first with one hand then with both.

“I have loved these ladies from afar for so long” he gasped.

I pushed his face into my ample breast in response…. And he sighed with delight….quickly with slightly shaky hands he unbuttoned my crisp white blouse and pushed them aside to lift out my heavy breasts; he pushed them together and started to suck both nipples at once gently but firmly; I moaned loudly and leaned into him, cradling his head.

I was sitting on the bulge I had been staring at this morning and it felt good, I shifted slightly to get a better feel of them.

“You are in so much trouble” he whispered.

“As are you” I answered, pushing back against the wheel so I could reach the zipper of his chinos pants…

The rest is history… Nkiru was right, a pert bum is a good sign.

I sweated and gasped with pleasure for the next fifteen minutes before resting my head on the wheels I was now facing….



“Nice to meet you” he said huskily.

“Same here… in every sense of the word”

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