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Adult Conversations with Ofonime

Because some relationship questions are just too hot! Ofonime is no shrinking violet, so she knows that everything needs to be discussed - the good, the bad or the ugly! Adult Conversations with Ofonime will leave you hot around the collar but cool as ice when it comes to knowledge!
Freak of the week - handcuffs

18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek IV: my sexual fantasy – submission

Are you ready for more??  Welcome to the fourth instalment in the #FreakForDaWeek series. Today, we're dealing with My Sexual Fantasy - Submission. Did I tell you about the time I surrendered to my desires? That night I said...

18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek III: my sexual fantasy – the blindfold

And now, for our third instalment in the #FreakForDaWeek series. Today, we're dealing with My Sexual Fantasy - The Blindfold. You open your eyes and find the world still in darkness. You attempt to reach up to...
Woman in bikini - freak for the week 1

18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek II: My story of X and Y, Part 2

#FreakForDaWeek series continues, y'all ???. You're welcome! Read the first part of this two-parter here>> This is my story of X and Y. I stopped and turned and it was X's colleague. She was stark naked. With a...
Freak of the week - quickie outside the club

18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek I: My story of X and Y, Part 1

This is our very first story of the #FreakForDaWeek series ???. You're welcome! This is my story of X and Y. Lagos, 2012. There was this hangout on Oju Olubon Street VI I used to go to...
Idaya and hassan

Freak For The Week IV: Idaya teaches Hassan a thing or two

I watched him as he moved his things into room one and two on the right side. He is Baba’s new tenant. According to Hakeem he is a tailor and will be using room...
Steamy Windows Lawyer Car Sex - Feature

Freak For The Week II: Steamy Windows As The Lawyer Signs Off On Her...

Part 1 “Hey” he nodded as he strode jauntily towards his car, pert bum switching from left to right under his smart tan chinos trousers. I nodded silently as I got into ‘Toyboy’ my 6 month...
Freak From The Week - office sex

Freak For The Week I: The Cougar and Her Jack

Part 1 There is a saying that in the perfect world, the older women would be with the young men and the young girls with the old men. Why is this? Perhaps because the older...
Viva QA - Thumbnail

She Doesn’t Enjoy Sex With Me – Adult Conversations with Onifome

I am 27 years old, in a relationship with a 29 year old lady for about five years now...she doesn't enjoy sex at all