If Na You Nko? Gambia’s Electoral Commission Chief who announced President Jammeh’s shock defeat ‘goes into hiding’

Alieu Momar Njai presided over Yahya Jammeh's shock election defeat

You know what? There are times that Africa just makes me tired. My people have no sense and no chill. And the more money we have, the higher the sense of entitlement, the less sense we have. If you see a person obeying laws and acting like a civilised person, just know that he is a poor person. As soon as small money enters the equation, the demonic spirit of “Do you know who I am?” follows suit. The Gambian elections is simply further proof that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) chief has gone into hiding, and who could blame him? There are unconfirmed reports that Alieu Momar Njai, who announced Yahya Jammeh’s defeat in the polls last month, has fled the country.

President Jammeh that we were still praising here which day? That we were saying had stepped down graciously after being defeated in the general elections unlike other African presidents who take the presidency as a calling? He was nagging Gambia has the fairest electoral process known to man. He insisted that whatever the outcome, the candidates must accept it peacefully. That was how certain he was.

Jammeh ain’t feelin’ it!

He conceded defeat upon the results being announced. Our amebo presido Buhari even congratulated his grace; how it concerns him, I don’t know.

Despite initially accepting defeat, President Jammeh changed his mind and is now refusing to step down. So you can imagine that the bearer of bad news is probably sweating under the collar right now.

Despite our initial hopes, it would seem that Gambian elections took the same path as African politics around the globe. We cannot trust our leaders to do the best thing for the citizens. Change is too high an idyll to hope for.


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