Ghanaians are returning home to farm; should Nigerians in diaspora follow suit?


Let’s face it, the oil can’t last forever. And even if it did, the price is all over the shop. It would be foolhardy for a country to rely on just one means of income. Moreso a country as richly blessed with raw materials and resources as Nigeria is. And yet, rely we do.

The price is up! No, the price is down! Christine Lagarde should come and borrow us money! Avengers lo ba de! Niger Delta money to stay on Naija Delta soil! And, furthermore, should we use the money to build a film village in the North?? Also, why are Port Harcourt gehs so sexual?! Oh. Sorry. That wasn’t what we were talking about? My bad.

Yet, we forget that despite all of this, people must eat. Agriculture is the basic thing that sustains a nation. Flora, fauna and ecosystems are the things that stop a country from going under, not just bricks and businesses.

Some savvy Ghanaians are aware of this fact and consequently, have started making the journey home.

Meet Emmanuel Koranteng: he is a graduate of business administration and was previously working in America, yet he couldn’t miss an opportunity to turn his hands to farming when he returned home.

Pineapples, y’all! What’s more interesting is that he brought his skill and training to bear on his new venture. I’m looking at this and it seems like agriculture in Africa might be the way to go.

Baba Yemi has one small plot in our backyard in Ijebu. I’ma holla…


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  1. Dachomo Pam Dauda – that’s a very big word. You’re absolutely right. Nigeria seems to be cursed with stumbling blocks.

    You want to go to Rio and play ball – politicians eat the flight ticket.
    You want to do small farming – Fulani herdsmen are on the rampage.
    You want to sell small pure water and minerahs 😂 – NEPA won’t let you be great.

    It’s like the government is trying ot make it clear that legit business is not the way forward. Theft and corruption alone is the only way to get 3 square meals in our country, Nigeria.


    Rachel – Viva Naija

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