Southern Kaduna Killings: Surely Someone should face Justice for War Crimes?


….from the look of things, close to 1000 people have been slaughtered in just over a week in Southern Kaduna by Fulani herdsmen, hmmn, I think someone should be prepped for The Hague…especially considering the dodgy circumstances in which the killings have happened.

But, on another thought, I don’t even think the international community and international media take Nigeria serious anymore, we don’t blush over indigent citizen killings anymore, probably they now think – “if they DON’T blush, why should we fuss?”

Abi na….okay, just imagine Femi Adesina’s remorseless (mis)demeanour while talking thrash on TV, that’s a presidential spokesman, giving puke-evoking responses as to why the President or the Presidency need not talk about a confirmed genocide under his watch, as if the term “GCFON” is merely plastic and honorary and not functional.

Citizens are dead aplenty, displaced and in deepening danger, and all you can give is a tolerant demeanour that under-emphasises the killings? Haba!

In prospective, Femi Adesina says we shouldn’t expect the President to talk anytime every 1000 citizens are murdered, but, there’s Operations Python Dance and Crocodile Tears in the Niger-Delta and Eastern Nigeria respectively with the President’s seal, yet, we should not expect him to get directly involved when close to a thousand deaths have been endured somewhere else, like in southern Kaduna….hmmn, okay oh.

I said it, we don’t blush anymore, and that’s our bona fide tragedy.

And I still believe, that, for these unprovoked deaths in southern Kaduna, someone should be prepped in cuffs to The Hague for being acquiescent to crimes against humanity…something is fishy.

Nigeria, always finds a way to tase you with unprecedented bemusement!

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  1. I blame the christians for saling lands to musilims and now musilim have capture the state. The same mistake berom are doing in plateau state jos. Musilims are snake and never good people to live with or accept on your land. I advice my jos brother to be carefull and anytime a fight happen in jos let them kill both musilim and berom people because they are ones who give musilims land to live in plateau state.

    • Come jos na dia ur eye go clear becos we have a warrior a king of kings we don’t fight with flesh and blood but trough de holy spirit he is de alpha and omega by de mentioned of him name every knee must bow and confess dat Jesus is lord.and he is isah kalmatulah

  2. Elrufai has no committee to set up because he is the masterplanner and the chief executor of this acts of genocide with the tacit support and approval of buhari and the security agencies.have you noticed the graveyard silence from them, the northern muslim governors and the the northern emirs. They are all part and parcel of this conspiracy. But i bet you they will soon have a date at the icc in Hague. No matter what they do, they can never succeed in turning Nigeria to an Islamic state, the bloody resistance that will follow may lead to the outright break up of this sick and haemorrhaging entity.

  3. Let the people of southern kaduna fight for themselves if the govt don,t bothered to protect them I implore them to learn from the agbekoya ,s many year,s a go in westhern state they shoul do the same even more than what the agbekoya,s did then.

  4. Allah sarki this remember 7/9/2011 while in Jos but noone cares when our ppl the so called were fulanis wr slaughterd, bunrt that is not genocide or terorism, only this small thin uprising which was politically motivated
    Allah will us through amin

  5. Let all nigerian christains arise pray and condems this evil act by kaduna govt, because coal had bein discovery in southern kaduna el-rufai using his boys to fight them an takes over their land.

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  7. SOUTHERN KADUNA,SO Sorry oooo! Maybe these will stop ur drinking habit and face reality. stop looking at small small position, rather look for governship, don’t stop @ the tail,but, the head.

  8. For the fact that they are all hausa/fulani,let them kill and wipe themselves out of the surface of this peaceful earth.Hausa/fulani bigots with their killing and violence….i never see this kind of tribe….God forbid

  9. The Kaduna state governor and president Buhari should b arranged before d international court of justice for crimes against humanity over d mindless killings of Christians in Kaduna ever since APC government came into office

  10. State of emergency be quickly declared in Kaduna State: there is no doubt if it is River State IGP/ PMB should have set up different panel to investigate the killing. But when it doesn’t affect Fulani/Hahusa ,nobody care. This is not democracy

  11. Is Buhari not a Fulani and the leader of the herdsmen,have you heard him talk about punishing his members but instead pitying them by trying to steal people’s land in the name of gracing national cows that will bring profits to the nation’s treasury. Is the IG not aware of the sophisticated weapons these men carried, if Buhari is not shielding his people why the delay in baning these herdsmen from certain areas? Frankly, Nigerian can live more healthy without cow meat.

  12. Big shame on Kaduna State Governor and the so called Nigerian president who wouldn’t find a solution to these killings in Kaduna. Christians in Kaduna should not fold their hands and watch their loved ones being killed by these good for nothing people. They should fight back. Enough is enough.

  13. The fulanies are going extra mile
    if the federal government have no hands in the act, a policy statement should have been made before now
    why must it be fulanis every where
    the destruction of lives and properties is enough
    this must stop now

  14. Christians should crusaders and go to Kaduna to defend their brethren. Pastors collecting tithes and offerings should use the money to acquire weapons and form a militant groups to defend their flocks.

  15. This is a premeditated killing, an ethnic cleansing planned and the Fulani herdsmen are commissioned to carry it out, else why will this mindless killing continued unchecked and international media/bodies are silent, somebody is behind the scene dictating/controlling the affairs

  16. Once upon a time the Muslim North and Christian (if any) had one single enemy The Igbo (Biafra) and there was great determination to wipe them out but The Lord said no. Southern Kaduna people you supported the Housa Fulanis in those days, now is your turn. Face it.

  17. How do you expect the leaders to do something where are they from trace all the so called Hausa leaders from the President to the least how will the fight there brothers but God will handle them like the Egyptians he has hardened their hearts like he did to Pharaoh so that all that he planned to do to them must come to pass in Jesus name amen

  18. It’s not in our nature as Christians to fight back because the Bible says the battle is of the Lord,what we should think about now is that were those killed really Christian or just hiding under that name? If they were born again Christians thanks be to God cos they will make heaven and out of this sinful world, you that is left behind define your relationship with him because Christianity is never a ticket to heaven death can come from any form brethren if you’re not genuinely born again you and the Muslims are the same, these is end time and nothing happens without the God’permission your own rapture takes place once you are dead no repentance in the grave, take heed and give your life to Christ because they can only kill the body and not your soul.

  19. You guys should remain there and wait for God to come down from heaven and fight for you. Are you guys blind? And if you’re blind are you deaf too? Are you not seeing the hand writing on the wall.

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