Give yourself a break!!


There are days when we just feel a little out of our usual realms. For me, this is always the aftermath of a period of introspection. Waking up in the dead of the night, I get to ask myself some tough questions and tell myself some home truths.

I’m not where I had wanted to be at this stage of my life, but I’ve won many battles, pulled off and enjoyed the dividend of many struggles.

The journey to my desired destination is still a very long one…. one I intend to continue with all strengths and vigour.

For the sake of my sanity, I choose the optimistic philosophy to life, thus I’d rather see the glass as half filled than half empty.

Because knowing how far I’ve come gives me more strength to continue in the race than knowing how much more I’ve got to keep on.

Hello, are you reading this?

Take some time off, pretend like your life is perfect, do something you love, and give your brain a little rest.

Life is a continuous struggle, and somehow, we’ve got to keep keeping on. But you can’t do it all at a goal.

Give yourself a break even if its just for a couple of hours.

Eat out in your favourite restaurant
Call a high school friend and chat away, maybe hang out.
Have sex and make sure you achieve the highest ecstasy in the world of pleasure. Grab it like it’s your birthright.
If you can afford it, take the weekend off on a short holiday.

Whatever option you choose, flex away like you rule the world.

Because, despite the challenges and ups and downs that comes with being a responsible adult human, we’ve got to remember that we’ve only got one shot to life….. and to make you even more mindful of this, no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

Relax baby! Rest your head, you need it.
Life isn’t that serious.

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