Open letter to almost ex-president Yahya Jammeh of Gambia from a Nigerian


Dear Yahya Jammeh of Gambia, but why would a former President want to hold power like his family property? It is not like people won’t listen to you anymore as a civilian. In fact, it is better to exit when the applause is loudest, if the people say they need a new leader then you, brother, should allow the people. Why can’t you be like Goodluck Ebele Jonathan ehnnn? Just gently leave the place and go about doing good.

GEJ has not stopped being a force to reckon with since he left ASO ROCK. He has been receiving award after award and I won’t be surprised if someone asks him to come back in 2019. This is 21st century ooo, no point in fighting guerrilla warfare when you can simply retire in peace and one piece. Open an Instagram Page, get a twitter handle and start attending World Leader Conferences. Finito.

Yes, we talk about Ghadaffi and his beautiful plans for Libya. We talk about Thomas Sankara and tears form in our eyes as we remember their heroic ideals. But what shall it profit a brother? You cannot attempt to gain the world without losing your soul, brother. History is my witness.

This is a time to compromise personal goals and lofty dreams for the common good, it never ends well! Be like GEJ, he just received a Martin Luther King Award for leadership in Civil rights. This man, once much maligned, is now one of the African icons that would live to see the liberation of Africa through democratic processes. Why not have a rethink, sir?

I am writing this not because of you alone but because of your loyal followers: youth like myself who would probably die fighting for you. Let them also join us online; let them live to throw twitter clap-backs, let them have a chance to be part of this New Africa where our mind is a greater weapon than guns and bullets.

Best Regards as you choose,
A concerned Nigerian.

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