If you have no daughters, tell these to your sons – Cautionary Tips For Parents

Black mother hugging son outdoors

The world is not as safe or as simple as it used to be. Tell your children the following tips. Follow the advice herein yourself. Be safe. Be happy.

For parents and children:

  1. Your neighbour is not your “uncle”, his name is Mr. Koro or whatever, not uncle. Do not tell your children to address him any other way. Call him by his bloody name. Eg: “Good morning, Mr. Koro. No I will not enter your house to watch Cartoon Network. No child died from lack of TV. I don’t need your milo either. Thank you. Goodbye.” It’s called Dignity.
  2. Do not sit on the lap of any “uncle”. Children have hands. Stretch yours out, shake their hands and move the hell on.
  3. Don’t accept unsolicited advice. Any advice you have for a minor, pass it through the parents. If the parents are assholes, pass it through the police.
  4. Don’t call any child “my wife”. It’s not cute. She is a kid. She is not your wife. Go and look for your wife some place else.
  5. There is evil in this world. Beware of religious people. Question motives. Beware of people who want to “feed” your children. Question everything. Those who quickly throw their “kindness” in your face, daring you not to accept…people who want to play god in the life of your child. The world is a rotten place. People are vile.

Believe no one. As long as it involves a child; dig a little further.

Protect what is yours with all your riches..

Or all your lack.

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