Insecurity rears its ugly head again as prominent Fela dancer gets killed in Lagos


Oh! Now, this saddens!

Isn’t it just loathsome to always hear that we’ve lost another human being, a gem in this case, to death in an avoidable way in Nigeria?

I always hope that one day soon, there will be checks and balances as regards security of lives at home in Naija. People should not die in questionable ways if we are serious about wholesome development, especially not in a cosmopolitan economy like Lagos.

In Dodo Mayana, we had a dose of history, culture, dedication and artistry, and we just lost all. So sad she had to be announced to our consciousness via “one-chance” death.

Dodo, as she was fondly called, was a popular woman at the Afrika Shrine in Ikeja, and was one of Abami Eda’s prominent dancers through the 70s and 80s until his death in 1997. She later joined Femi Kuti’s band as a cage dancer before she retired and started selling drinks at the Afrika Shrine.

According to a series of tweets from Femi, the dancer was knocked down by a hit and run driver. Femi said she died a questionable death.

He tweeted, “Heard that Dodo who sells outside the Shrine was hit by a car on her way home by Grammar sch. opposite Omole Estate. I’m so sad. Sounds more like Dodo was mugged ‘cos when we got to her, nothing was found on her, no money, no phone. Mehn sad sad sad.

“Dodo was such a nice and friendly person RIP. May those who did this not go free. Unfortunately, our police might never find them. She was mugged they now say most likely she took first chance, killed, dumped by Grammar sch.”



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