Ladies, enjoy your single life!

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The single life is a beautiful phase of life, a time when you make the most of choices and decision-making with little or no hindrance.

It is a time where self-discovery is employed and harnessed. You are answerable to yourself and no one else, except in instances where you have your immediate family to answer to. Being a single girl can be great fun and empowering too!

This message is to the single girls because men are typically programmed to believe that success – or at least a couple of rungs up the ladder – is a prerequisite for being married anyway. It tends to be women who consider marriage the prize, the achievement upon which other achievements are built.

Some of us might mistake this phase as just a fun phase, spend it all in living a life of pleasure and extravagance, with little or no thought for the future. This is the phase for achievement and exploits. At this stage, you see the world for what it is because you have little or no responsibility holding you, you have relatively few issues seeking your attention.

Use this time to find yourself, find your passion. Pursue your goals, set out your priorities, set your standards, create your world.

You are allowed to buy or build your house if your finances permit this. You are allowed to travel and see the world! The world might just be the next town or the next continent – learn how the other half live. Eat something you’ve never tried before, attend a show. Stay out late, sleep till noon – it’s your life; live it how you want. Don’t put it off for later because later is not assured.

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As a single person, you can achieve so much in life if you are focused. This is the time most people are distracted. They have a lot of time on their hands but don’t know to do with it.

A lot of people have made this mistake of whiling away their single phase only to realise it when they are married.

Don’t spend this phase waiting and wishing for marriage o! Most times, your partner finds you in your place of purpose, in your busy arena, in your coming and your going. Outside of the fairy tales, princes don’t hang about wondering if there’s a castle somewhere imprisoning a beautiful princess. Nobody is going to climb the wall, break into your bedroom and proclaim undying love. And if they do, call the police!!

Step out of your comfort zone, ditch your safety zone, do something extraordinary, something not like you in the positive direction. Have fun, but still have direction.

Be that single individual who blazes the trail, who has a voice, who has his or her name inscribed in the sand of times. Get some!

Image by © Patrik Giardino/Corbis

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