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The rise in divorce rates is a positive thing

The rise in the rate of divorce in Nigeria is a VERY POSITIVE thing. We should be celebrating the end of toxic marriages. You...

When I realized he was cheating on me

Cheating  I fondly remember a brief relationship I had with a boyfriend who treated me as if I was a total stranger after sex. For instance,...

Rihanna on relationships: “Take your partner as they are”

Rihanna thinks people set unrealistic expectations for their partners, trying to make them into something they are not. Although it goes deeper than that, it...

Men stop enabling hungry women

I used to blame girls who order like gluttons when they go on dates with men. They order takeaway for themselves and for their friends,...

‘Not every relationship must lead to marriage!’- Sonia Ogbonna

Sonia Ogbonna, the wife of popular actor, model, and media personality Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna popularly known as IK Ogbonna has yet again rendered to...

Supporting The Ambitious Woman In Your Life

Women are very attention seeking, especially when they do not have their hands full with work. But don't be fooled, that ambitious women would...

Women need to learn to be comfortable in their own skin

Woman be comfortable in your own skin I have a hobby: eating exotic foods. Even when I cook, it's not regular food because regular bores...

The Inseparability of Loss and Second Chances

The saddest thing about losing someone is not particularly about the day or the minute that you lose them. It is more of how...

Don’t chase money and lose what really matters

Chasing money My friend, a Ghanaian came to visit me yesterday. He was married in Ghana with two children, but got divorced shortly before he...

The Older You Get, The More You Hate Everyone

My zodiac sign gives me out as kind, gentle and a lover of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in the effort to keep everyone...