Let us learn to honor our uniqueness rather than fear it


Honouring uniqueness

A year ago I watched a Facebook video by an African American Spoken word artiste. The video began with 4 words:

“I am not black”

He then went on to state his belief that skin colors were a mental construct made to divide humanity and keep us at each others throats.

The video made me think.

These days there seems to be a strong beliefs that differences means division and that the only way to experience unity is to ignore everything that is different while focusing on and honoring only the things that are the same

I absolutely adore the earnestness behind this push and while I agree that there are many many MANY things that we all share in common (we all bleed red for one) I think that our differences should also not be ignored. They should be honored

In my opinion, what makes us unique isn’t something that divides us. It is rather our perception of uniqueness that drives us apart.

I believe that unity can only take place when we not only embrace all the things that are the same about us but also when we learn to at best honor our differences or at worst tolerate them.

I believe the beauty of humanity lies in embracing our uniqueness. A rainbow is not composed of one color. An orchestra would lose its magnificence if there was only one instrument and one note playing.

I choose to honor my uniqueness

My name is Dotun Fadairo. I am 5 ft something or the other. I am an African. I am Black. I am Nigerian. I am Yoruba. I believe in Jesus. I am a man

I am also committed to acknowledging and celebrating the uniqueness of my neighbor.

You are a woman, I see and honor that
You are Asian, Caucasian, European. I see and honor that
You are Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Efik and so on. I see and honor your language and culture

Now I know that this isn’t easy. As we have largely been brought up to be suspicious of anything different and to tread fearfully or arrogantly but I think that if we will ever stand a chance of seeing the Nigeria (and by extension world) we desire then this is a journey worth taking

Our differences do not make us less or more. They simply make us human

The thoughts above were motivated by the quotes you see below. If you’d like more of them, order my e-book “From me to You” Timeless Wisdom for your Life’s journey” from Okada books here  It is only 500 naira. If you’d like it in hard copy then get yours from Amazon here


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