18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek II: My story of X and Y, Part 2


#FreakForDaWeek series continues, y’all ???. You’re welcome! Read the first part of this two-parter here>>

This is my story of X and Y.

I stopped and turned and it was X’s colleague.

She was stark naked.
With a huge thatch of dark pubic hair.
I will call her Y.

Oh boy.

Suddenly I didn’t feel in control anymore. Y knelt down and I felt her tongue on my scrotum. X pushed her crotch up against mine and urged me not to stop. After a while, they switched places; Y went down on her stomach, with her ass arched up in the air. I had a clear view of her slick, slippery pussy. Her pink pussy. I grabbed her ass and they were jiggly. I remembered when we were walking to the car and I looked at her and I was happy that I was getting with X because Y didn’t seem to have a lot of ass. Wow.

I spread her ass and I sank in. In to the hilt. Now, this one, this one was a screamer. I withdrew and sank in. Again and again. Her moans were like a strange music. Then they became muffled and I saw that X had positioned her self and stuffed her pussy into Y’s mouth. I looked at her soft, yellow skin. I looked up and saw X’s dark eyes biting into mine. She gave a slight nod, or maybe I imagined it? I can’t remember.

But I spread my right palm.
Y’s right ass cheek went red.
Her scream was muffled!
She wriggled her ass.

I grabbed her tiny waist, pushing her down some more and placed my right feet on the bed, giving me some traction and I went in. Sweet. Then I saw X shudder. I was triggered and I felt that familiar trip. “I am cumming,” I croaked.
It was though a volcano erupted in my brain. A volcano of cum shooting streams of lava-hot white cum, zipping down from different veins in my body rushing towards one outlet. I pulled out and before I could position my dick to a safe direction- poof! Straight to X’s jaw. Then the rest on Y’s lower back. Intense.

I laid back for a bit… eyes closed. My mind wandered….How did I get this lucky? Was I the subject of a porn movie?
Were there hidden cameras in this room? Were these women mammy waters? What was the speed of the cum when it shot out? Can I calculate the trajectory of the angle of the speed of the cum? Why was my cum hot?

Then I was woken from my slight reverie with my flaccid member in Y’s mouth. I willed it not to move but the silly organ, obviously with a brain of his own, jumped to attention. She rode me until she came. Then X tried to ride me but I am not sure she got anything out of me. I slept off.

I woke up at 7am and sneaked out of the room only for the security man at the gate to warn me – “Oga, environmental dey o.” Ah! Wahala! I went back upstairs and 30 minutes later, Y sidled up to me on the couch, her nipples hard. She guided my hand to her bushy enclave – she was wet. That was when I knew that I had entered one chance. As she nibbled my ear lobes, out of the corner of my eye, I saw X roll over…
Oh. Not again. Yes again!

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