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spouse potential

Beyond having a home and a partner to go to, what exactly do you contribute back to your relationship? This is one of those questions that get us stuttering “Errrm…actually, it’s like…”

In truth, it should not be a difficult question to answer but it is. One of the things I tell couples is to run a system where individuals make themselves so valuable that the other does not want to do without them.

Question is, how this can be achieved?

We owe it to ourselves to know, first, what our partners like about us. This, we can call our strength and hold on to. That is very important. Beyond that, we also need to know what we intend to be to them. This is our potential and is even more important than our hold on them. The lack of this potential is what brings drive and growth to a halt if not a reverse. We cannot afford this.

Kind Queen chess

This is why I say only a woman who knows her nuptial potentials will make a king of a man and make herself a queen on the chessboard of life.

Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t contribute depth. Having said this, it falls back on the man to be able to invest knowledge in his wife such that she can in turn offer him rewards. So, basically, help a woman become a queen so she can help enthrone you.

We are parents and providers but we are so much more if only we would wake up. We are teachers, builders, we are king(and queen) makers. Ask yourself, what do you truly bring to the table, then upgrade it and go effect it, your royalty awaits.

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