Marital commitment brouhaha – People, wetin dey happen gan gan?


I need to ask a question, the alarming level of distortionar…(Sayo, shut up, speak Pidgin)

Okay, see ehn, People, come. Wetin dey hapun gangan? I nor joke oh.

Dis marriage thing, e sweet, e dey epp, e dey needed, kompaniorsheep na major tin for pesin laif no doubt,…but, as things dey presently so, omo, sisters are suffering, azin, fur’real, matrimonial Forex don affect husband material so tey e don over-cost, over-scarce, plus e be like say guys dey mess up gan nowadays oh…

My kweshion(s): Shey na guys dey actually mess up pass ni, always coughing cowardly cliches of “I’m not just ready”, “marriage na big decision” et al, while dey still want una sisters to come show ta-she-re commitment by giving them copious ‘head’?

On the other hand, some of my guys dey always tell me say oversabi too dey worry most ladies nowadays, and that e dey cut their wife material-ness from 12 yards to opa merin lasan (just 4 yards) wey nor reach to fit sew komplit agbada. Sisters, e true??

Elders, in da house, wetin you think say dey hapun? Iz not getting funny again oh. Brothers are hungry, Sisters are thirsty, both are horny, beht, the tokenism of “I don’t want to commit” don become the clichéd albatross…

Abeg, why?

All of these matrimonial konkonbility (matrimonial brouhaha) don increase the desperation levels for dem sisters especially….Abi, how else do we hexplane this Hollywood-grade stunt by this my sister in red below…I mean, Air Michael Jordan‘s got nothing on her!

If you laugh? ? *corks gun*

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