MMMW Couples Recognition and Awards Dinner was a glowing success!


And so it was that marriage, the family unit, and love conquered all on Saturday 27th August! The MMMW Couples Recognition and Awards Dinner had its first opening and it was a resounding success. It was the first of its kind in the Black/British/African community, and from the responses and attendance, it would seem it is a very much needed event!

My Marriage Must Work! Pastor Kemi Onadipe’s aim for MMMW

Given all the negativity that surrounds marriage and the high rate of divorce,there is no doubt that help is indeed needed. Pastor Kemi Onadipe felt that making marriages work was something of a priority. Something that we must all work towards achieving in order to keep the sanctity of the home.

This formidable woman is the founder of the ‘My Marriage Must Work‘ (MMMW) initiative. The project educates singles and married alike on the rewards of a happily married life. If based on the right foundation, marriage – and indeed a loving family – are jewels on any crown.

And what is the right foundation, you ask? The pastor believes that with God, communication and trust, a lot of the problems within marriages today can be overcome. But that is not to suggest that it is a bed of roses; merely that the rewards more than justify the effort.

To this end, the pastor sought to celebrate those who are making their work against all odds. Couples who have stood firm and weathered storms together. Those who can proudly point to their partner and say “I love them. I chose them. I’m staying with them”.

A Beautiful Event

The event was well attended and considered a success by all who attended. The winners had testimonies and advice to give as to how they’ve kept their marriages alive. If for no other reason, the event served as a point of hope and inspiration for those about to wed or those already in it and may be going through challenges.

It was so refreshing to come together to celebrate FAMILY! I certainly hope that the event is held annually as this is one aspect of our tradition that must be upheld no matter how far we are from home.

Finally, congratulations to Pastor Onadipe and the rest of the MMMW team – it was an absolute triumph! You should be proud of yourselves and your tireless hard work.

All pictures courtesy African Dazzle Magazine

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