Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas tells some Black American students the TRUTH

Eric Thomas - Feature

Eric Thomas - Motivational Speaker
It is never too early to hear that the road ahead of you is going to be different, more difficult, and more fraught with danger than that of your peers. It’s never too early to embrace excellence as a lifestyle and to break the bonds of mediocrity and failure. And on this day at this high school, this is exactly what Eric Thomas came to tell these kids.

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas makes his way across America empowering people to their highest potential. However, out of his need to give back to where he came from, he also makes stops along the way at detention centres and low-performing high schools to talk them out of their despondency. He does this for no payment at all.

It was at one of these pro-bono speaking events that he hit upon a little glitch: there were some kids that simply wouldn’t simmer down despite him repeatedly telling them to keep quiet.

Thomas was livid and stomped off the stage. This was not part of the script and nobody knew what would happen next.

And then, I think Eric Thomas gave the speech of his life. Because it wasn’t rehearsed, practised or contrived, Eric Thomas wept at these kids and told them the dire truths of what the future held for them if they continued on their paths of complacency and giving up before the journey had even started.

The truths are the same for every age. Every Black person on Earth needs to know: the Asians and the Jews are raising their children differently. They know from birth that excellence is the only way. They are guided with lessons and role models that enforce and reinforce these precepts.

There is still hope. We can still save our kids. We are all born champions.

Watch the full video here:

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