NASA Finds Evidence of Water On Mars, But Since Humans Are Useless…


The news has emerged that NASA has found evidence of flowing water on the planet Mars, and this seems like it could be good news.

Firstly, this excited me because science. I am always enthralled by breakthroughs and new horizons. Secondly, signs of water – if the Big Bang Theory is to be believed – means the possibility of signs of life. So…you know, the little green men might be real after all.

After the original whoosh of excitement though, I thought why are we always looking for the greener grass on the other side? Humans have single-handedly halved the life form on earth: there are thousands of animals extinct thanks to the our wanton behaviour. Cecil the Lion was killed and I have friends who were dismissive of my outrage at the time stating that the amount he paid justifies his hunt. We do not CARE about Earth. We abuse it, we lay it to waste, we decimate it through dismissal, selfishness, and instant gratification. If Mars were ever to be become habitable, we would probably do the same with it.

Humans 1-Earth 0 | I hate these men with a hatred that will not quit.
Humans 2-Earth 0 |A beach in Africa. Awesome, right?
Humans 3-Earth 0 | Amazon rainforest deforestation. Miles cleared daily

Pata pata, I think it will become the new Marbella and people will go there to “get a little sun”, but this new discovery just further reminds me how useless we humans are.

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