Viva’s Thoughts on The #DSTRKT Racism Row and the Impotence of the Black Pound


If you haven’t heard yet, the story is that 4 gorgeous girls were refused entry into a London nightclub on the basis that they were too dark. And then that they were overweight.

The story goes that Lin Mei, Zalika Miller and their friends were looking to get turnt up at DSTRKT and they were on the guest list of one of the promoters – a black man who goes by Daniel. Daniel had previously asked for shots of them and had seemed to approve of them (?????), but this meant nothing on the actual night as they were turned away for being too dark.

Daniel claimed to have been confused by the manager’s decision to not let them in as he felt they were pretty enough (Father, take control), but the manager only wanted to allow Mei in as she is mixed race. When that didn’t work, he sent this message. Sigh:

Okay, so the prejudice is diabolical and outrageous in this day and age. Nobody should line you up against a wall for WHATEVER reason and judge whether you are good enough to enter an establishment that you are paying for. DSTRKT, the management, the staff and everybody who follows and upholds this line of racism are vile and heinous.

But here’s what I think:

  • There are already protests going on, but find a legal way to stop them from trading. There are texts, messages, videos and enough evidence that show that these girls were racially profiled.
  • Find a million other clubs that allow black people in and get turnt up over there.
  • You know who’s never discriminated against colour? A textbook. We need to pick up our books, get some knowledge, make some money and open up world class nightclubs. Sometimes, however unfair as it might seem, their club; their rules.
  • Support Black Business. Support Black Enterprise. Wield power and control with the Black Pound.

On any given day, we can find examples of racism – some subtle, some institutional, some overt. No point moaning about it if we do not embrace our own options.

The Black Pound: we need to make it work for us!

The man who sells me ‘hanging chicken’ (what is the real name of the chicken we eat??) is some type of Eastern European. I have Arabs (?) telling me about “Madam, shaki £2 a kilo!”. You know all the black hair shops are run by Asians. From the spelling of his name, the manager that night at DSTRKT is Italian.But Whitenicious is being run by a black woman.

But we’re ouchea moaning and groaning. Issorai.

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