You need to learn and learn fast you must


Take charge of your life

They call me the “One-man-army”

In primary school I was called “iron lady”

I don’t do cliques, I don’t do blind followership

I think it’s disgusting that a group of people always need to be together to take a stand or make decisions

I hate being told what to do, especially by someone with unknown pedigree but a smart phone and a Facebook app

I don’t like being lumped into other people’s realities or experiences

I stand on my own and owe no one any allegiance.

I don’t need validations either, they’re ​most irrelevant

And I have always known I can do without anyone and everyone

When I make mistakes or when someone takes advantage of me, or treats me poorly

I take 101% of the blame.

I blame myself for trusting you, for believing you and for taking you a tad too seriously

I blame myself completely for seeing the signs and making excuses for you, no one else but me takes the blame.

Today I’m reminded again of the power of choice

How we choose the wrong people to invade our space, and plant thorny gardens in it.

I’m reminded that we weren’t forced to make them a part of our lives

Those people who love you with lies in their mouths

Same people who give you conditions, “it’s either my way or mine” the distress they cause you is totally negligible

They act like it’s a favour their in your lives

And when you think twice, they add no real value to your life.

This is a sub not to your frenemies but to you

Not to your faux lovers but to your empty head

You need to learn, and learn fast you must.

Knock yourself on the head, shake yourself like you’re dead; shake your freaking self back to life

See it for what it really is:

Its really not ignorance, it’s plain wickedness

It isn’t actually love, just an inferno of lust and a one-man relationship

And no It’s not cluelessness but sheer selfishness and stark raving insensitivity.

Tell yourself the truth and deploy your power of choice

Because it is your fault thorns and thistles thrive in your garden.

Sometimes we crave for love, validation and acceptance so much that we settle for things that don’t even look like it.

Enjoy your day.

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