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Natalie Ewaen A. Usen

Sweet, no-nonsense Natalie Usen is an entrepreneur who wears many hats. She is on a journey of evolution and invites you to join her. When she is not evolving, she enjoys reading, movies and nature. Everything Natalie does is about bettering yourself; every word she types is how you can do it bigger, better and live a more fulfilling life.

African woman get money!

Poverty is a tool used by the devil, and patriarchy to hold women bound in Africa. The devil needs to keep your poor, lacking and constantly in need so you will keep compromising and involving...

Be deliberate with your associations

Your associations My phone had issues but I needed to find out what was going on in the political sphere so I asked a friend for her phone and wen through her FB news feed. I...

Nigerian Woman religion is not your friend

Two things are a Nigerian woman's curse: Society/Culture and Religion. Religion is actually the dearth off women all over the world but we do not belong to a one religion Nation so ours is...

Believing is not enough

Dear Young People, Everything is possible if ONLY you believe? Scratch that. Somebody lied to us. Believing is not enough. Everything is possible if you are ready to do whatever it takes to get it. That includes hard and...

Women need to learn to be comfortable in their own skin

Woman be comfortable in your own skin I have a hobby: eating exotic foods. Even when I cook, it's not regular food because regular bores me. For me, food is art, adventure, poetry. I love...

Be careful who you choose to be in a relationship with

It's not enough to choose a partner because of their individual qualities, how those qualities are translated to your relationship with that person should be your top priority. Let me explain. There are people I almost...

Dear woman, find the courage to be yourself

Be yourself I grew up feeling inadequate, inferior. I grew up feeling I was never good enough, smart enough, spiritual enough. I grew up trying to earn attention, acceptance and love. Not from the outside world, but from...

Break free from the pressure to be perfect!

Have you ever felt ashamed of your struggles? That's how we are conditioned as Nigerians. Ever spoken to a successful Nigerian entrepreneur? Have you realised how they quickly summarise their struggles while detailing their victories? No...

Before you become a mother

Motherhood Before you become a Mother, think and plan carefully. Unless you become a mother by "accident," I'm of the opinion that motherhood should be a venture one should go into with careful thought and planning. Its...

Still on the feminism matter

Feminism is a necessity Let me explain to you the dangers of believing that one gender is superior to the other. As a woman, if you believe you are inferior to the man, you do some...