Nigerian mum who gave birth to Quadruplets unable to afford over £500,000 NHS bill


Nigerian woman quadruplets: A Nigerian woman who goes by the name of Priscilla gave birth to quadruplets recently in a London hospital! But this bountiful blessing comes with a high price tag as she now has a whopping NHS bill of  over £500,ooo which she has stated that she cannot afford.

She claims that she planned to have the babies in Chicago after being warned that Nigerian Hospitals did not have the “facilities to cater for the children”. Hian! My people, which way Naija?!

She was, however, turned away by U.S border officials and went into labour 3 months early on her way back to her home country in November and had the babies delivered at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in White City

Priscilla is currently living in a London hostel run by charity with her 2 surviving children Elijah and Esther (two of the quadruplets unfortunately passed away). Her husband is unable to join them due to lack of funds.

There are two healthy, wonderful babies, and one can’t put a price on that, but the story is nonetheless tragic. And I completely understand her desperation: how many of the babies would have made it in a country where people die from cough and catarrh?

The family’s shocking story will feature on a BBC2 documentary. It would be interesting to see if a GoFundMe is set up or what. I really do wish them all the very best.

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  • There was a human lack of compassion missing in daily mail reporting (eyes rolling) … if she was a British woman who went to america and was stuck with medicare would they report it like this ….. instead donations would have been pouring it .

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