Nigerian Woman religion is not your friend


Two things are a Nigerian woman’s curse: Society/Culture and Religion. Religion is actually the dearth off women all over the world but we do not belong to a one religion Nation so ours is supposed to be better. But it’s actually not.

I used to be a blind Church goer who believed everything which came from the pulpit because of my love for God. However though, some servants of God and bitter experiences showed me the folly in my ways so now I’ve got a better head on my shoulders. I still love God and go to Church but I’m a lot wiser now.

I don’t like to “Touch the Lord’s anointed” but I’m against the fact that a microphone gives you sudden power over a group of people and the right to say whatever pops into your head. But then, don’t we all? Even Facebook makes rats lions. Per second I see people with nothing to say open their mouths and give “godly advice” because they have access to a microphone and mindless listeners stay glued to their twisted and oftentimes psychotic, narcissistic opinions all because they wear a tag, supposedly “not ordained by men.”

I’ve seen people list and put up pictures of women who have impacted only their husband and kids as mentors, calling themselves sons and daughters of great men and women. We wanted to do a Youth program one time and I was Secretary. A particular Pastor’s wife was suggested as a mentor and I kicked against it with all my might. You see, she had the demure of a perfect women according to Nigerian standards. Quiet, in the background, face bowed when walking, etc. What other reason was there to nominate her if not her husband’s status. Nothing about her career, business, philanthropy was known. My dear I no gree o because I didn’t see any life which was being influenced positively by her and I think we have enough sheep as it were and things ain’t getting better. Anyway, she wasn’t selected.

So to the “women are an after thought” gist, my post is aimed at those who listen and absorb all sorts of garbage. You are the type that will come and fight me when I say there’s nothing special about being a man. It is teachings and belief systems such as these that has put the African continent many light years behind its developed counterparts.

If you are the type that hasn’t developed his/her mental faculty to know what to sieve and what to throw out no matter who’s saying it yet you call yourself an adult, you should be spanked and sent back to your father’s house.

Zuckerberg came to Nigeria and all of you were swooning about his grey t-shirt. The dude is an atheist and in case you don’t know what that means, he doesn’t believe in God and yet he invented Facebook in his 20’s and we are all cursing each other on it.

Nigerian women, hear it and hear it now. Religion is not your friend. It seeks to control you, limit you, contain you and then destroy you. It will take away your youth, your time and your resources, your talents and your abilities then relegate you to the background. It does not care about you and it never will.

Me I was a forethought, go and read your Bible well.

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