LOL! How Nigerians ‘define prostitute’


Define Prostitute:

Dictionary Meaning:
How Dictionary define Prostitute ( n).
1. Woman or man who gives sex or sexual favours for money and/or gifts.
2. Persons or business or any other outfit and organization that do things which go against personal beliefs, principles or general standards for money and/or favors.

Prostitute ( n).

1. Woman dhat wia high heels.

2. Woman dhat wia skirt wey no long reash her ankle.

3. Anklet wiaring.

4. Lipstick user.

5. Red lipstick user.
Level 2 Prodstitude!

6. Lipstick with sexy name like “fantasy”, “hot love” and “alluring dreams” user.
Top Level Prodstitude!

7. Woman wey dey wia traza.

8. Woman wey wia fake hair and nails.

9. Woman wey nefa marry bhet dey drive car.

10. Single woman with house or living in hotel.

11. Single woman dhat hug pastor weet full body.
Jezebel, winch and spiritual Prodstitude!

12. Single woman wey wia fine cloth.
Man chasing Prodstitude!

13. Single woman dhat have single male friend.
Man Destiny Sucking Prodstitude!

14. Single woman dhat have married male friend.
Marriage Home Breaking Prodstitude!

15. Married woman weet married or single male friend.
Marine Spirit Woman Prostitude

16. Women dhat have married female friend.
Husband Snatching Prodstitude!

17. Unmarried woman at 30 yias of old hage.
Desperately Single Prodstitude!

18. Highly educated and rich single woman.
Proud, Single for Life Prodstitude!

19. Highly educated and rich married woman.
Proud Married Prodstitude!

20. Woman wey get bank job.
Banking and Finance Prodstitude!

Allof you Prodstituding women, plix leaf my front. I don’t assoziate weet you kind of pelsin weet a charasters like dhat. Ees nor a joking sturvs. Gaan shange ya life so dhat ya Prodstitude wee stop. God wee epp you. Haymen.

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  • A woman that wears very tight trouser with a sleeveless top, red lipstick, red nail polish and some weird makeups and hair style is a prostitute in Naija. All hail Naijaaaaa

    • Ha, is this news?? Wait until one small boy wants to abuse you, first thing he’ll say is ashewo and claim he’s slept with you. Abi his father. Ani his landlord. Somebody sha! 😂😂😂😂

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