Do NOT let Trump tell you your country is a shithole!!!


I look at some people rushing to agree their country (and continent) is a ‘shithole’, and I simply shake my head.

There is a lot both right and wrong with the West, but even a homeless person sleeping in their car after losing their home, with no healthcare, children in crumbling inner city schools, afraid of drug dealers and gangs, would not ever accept the USA is a shithole.

I love the people of Haiti who politely and proudly told Trump that their nation is not a shithole.

Like many developing nations, Nigeria has a lot wrong with her – poor infastructure, poor power, healthcare, education, poverty etc and a gazillion and one other indices. But she is not a shithole.

Africa is not a shithole. It is a vibrant colourful loud continent with verve and energy, boundless opportunities, endless optimism, and a never-say-die spirit.

It is filled with beautiful vivacious people, brilliant sunshine, hustle and bustle, creativity bursting forth, bright splashes of colour on canvas, soul thumping music.

The Motherland speaks of life in all its sorrows and joys, highs and lows, ups and down, poverty and riches, frustrating bureaucracy, bad leaders, empathetic neighbours, sympathetic strangers.

This is my Africa. The continent whose blood runs in our veins, its rich mud oozes fertility, scorching sunshine brightens our soul, its rich smells speak home.

My Africa.


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