Olamide, Phyno, Adekunle Gold and Lil Kesh shine and sizzle in spectacular performance at The Troxy, London


Since my mama born me wey I don dey go concert, I never catch trips like this before!

I am an Olamide Obsessive. Everybody knows this. So when I heard that he was coming to perform in London town, I was so excited it was unreal. But even though I knew that this young man is talented, nothing prepared me for his outstanding performance tonight.

©Michael Tubes Creations|This is what a sold-out concert looks like!

When I met Olamide earlier in the week during a quick press buzz, he seemed rather quiet and subdued. I was starting to wonder if perhaps my Baddosneh was in reality a quiet little mouse. I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

Jesu! Omo Bariga turnt up and turnt out and London got LIT when he hit the stage last night!

©Sync Media|Phyno and Olamide tearing up London

Hyped up to an electrifying entrance by Dotun from Kool FM, Omo Wobe entered the scene and the crowd went MENTAL! His energy was frenetic from beginning to end and you could tell a man who loved what he did for a living.

Pyrotechnics and special effects from the stage just amped up the crowd as they sang every single lyric from every single song. He even gave us excerpts from collabos as he sang his verse from Harrysong’s Reggae Blues to a rapturous crowd!

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Just when I thought the crowd was going to spontaneously combust, he vanishes…and here comes Lil Kesh! AKA I No Well surprised me too – I thought he just sang catchy pop songs, but he did a solo number that I’d never heard before and it was infused with feeling and lyrics that showed depth I didn’t think he was capable of. Needless to say, when someone informs you that they’re not well, you should accept it as truth. He came through with Gbese and Efejoku and yes, that young man is SICKKKKK on the mic! His Shoki is legendary by now, and the crowd were poking each other’s eyes out trying to do the best Shoki!

I swear to God London hasn’t seen this much fun in AGES!!! The YBNL crew did not come to play with this crowd tonight and they confirmed it LIVE!

©Sync Mediz| Phyno Fino – more swag than a little bit

Phyno Fyno aka Baba Ibo was not to be outdone in the heat, and I was so proud of my latest boo! I have been feening since he dropped Connect and although he didn’t sing it tonight, whoooooo bwoy! My Alobam was still turnt to the max. Iranu! Abasha!! Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

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Back to my Baddo Boo, there is a song – I’m ashamed to say I don’t know it – but Olamide showed us why he is a lyrical genius in a solo piece as his tongue did wonders to words and his flow set him apart as one of the most capable rappers Nigeria has right now. Baddosneh could do no wrong after he came through with this:

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Hmmmm…body just dey sweet me dey go as YBNL kept bringing the JUICE!

Next surprise on the stage??? Adekunle Gold!!!

©Michael Tubes Creations|Adekunle Gold – crooning for Nigeria!

Another young man with flows so smooth and lyrics that make you just wanna get boo-ed up, he sang his beautiful Orente. I was so impressed that he sounds amazing live. Every couple in that room was making lovey-dovey eyes at each other and I think there might be a few babies in 9 months’ time. He sings from his heart and even in a loud, dark, smoke-filled room, every emotion in that song was felt.

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Chei, blood pressure all over the place, make-up running with sweat and YBNL still doing wonderful things with my soul! Baddosneh came back and was searching the crowd for “Ladiesneh and gentlemensneh”. As soon as we heard it, we knew the Lagos Boys were bringin’ the FIYAH! He got on his knees for Loke Loke, and was melodramatic for Melo Melo. Story For The Gods was the stuff prayers are made of; and we prayed and swore for our enemies in equal measure when Eleda Mi came on. But a party ain’t a party till Shakiti Bobo comes thru, and meeeeehn! I was standing on a table at this point. Agbaya.com. I’m not sorry.

Dotun from Kool FM is a crowd pleaser and excellent at what he does, but full props tonight go to the YBNL gang who both amazed and thrilled London tonight.

©MT Creations| Dotun, Kool FM feeling the beat
We’re feeling the brotha!

Olamide once sang “Omo eru d’oba, igboro de mi l’ade” ~ The slave child has become king, the streets have crowned him. Never was a truer word said.



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