So I have gotten a lot of mails and messages from readers who finds it difficult to read Yoruba. So as a patriotic Yoruba boy that I am, lol, I came up with this. Kindly drop a comment if it helped you so as to know where to pick the next class up from. Cheers.


Hi! Bawo

Good morning! Ek’aro

Good afternoon! Ek’asan

Good evening! Ek’ale

Welcome! (to greet someone) Ek’abo

Hello my friend! Bawoni Oremi

How are you? (friendly) Bawo lowa

How are you? (polite) Bawo lara

I’m fine, thank you! Mowa dada, Ese

And you? (friendly) Iwo na nko

And you? (polite) Iwo nko

Good Oda

Not so good Kofibe da

Long time no see Ope ti mo ti rie

I missed you Mos’aro e

What’s new? Kini tuntun

Nothing new Kosi tuntun

Thank you (very much)! Ese gan

You’re welcome! (for “thank you”) Ko t’ope

My pleasure Inu midun

Come in! (or: enter!) Wole wa

Make yourself at home! Ef’okan bale,Ile lewa

(Farewell Expressions)

Have a nice day! Od’igba

Good night! Od’aro

Good night and sweet dreams! od’aro kosi la ala to da

See you later! mari e ni’gba mi

See you soon! mari e laipe

See you tomorrow! mari e lola

Good bye! Od’abo

Have a good trip! Irin ajo ada o

I have to go Moni lati malo

I will be right back! Mon padabo

(Holidays and Wishes)

Good luck! Pade orire

Happy birthday! Eku ojo ibi

Happy new year! Eku odun tuntun

Merry Christmas! Eku odun keresimesi

Ei del kabir Eku odun Ileya

Independence day Eku odun ojo ominira

Congratulations! Eku ori ire

Enjoy! (or: bon appetit) Igba dun

Bless you (when sneezing) Epele

Best wishes! Nko rere fun e

Cheers! (or: to your health) Eku araya

Accept my best wishes Gba nkan rere timo fefun e.

(How to Introduce Yourself)

What’s your name? Kini oruko e?

My name is (John Doe) Oruko mi ni (john Doe)

Nice to meet you! Inumidun lati ri e

Where are you from? Ilu wo loti wa?

I’m from (the U.S/ Nigeria) Mowa lati ilu (America/nigeria)

I’m (American/ Nigerian) Omo (America/Nigeria) nimi

Where do you live? Ibo l’ongbe?

I live in (the U.S/ Nigeria) Mongbe ni(America/ nigeria)

Do you like it here? S’o feran ibi?

Nigeria is a beautiful country Orile ede to rewa ni nigeria

What do you do for a living? Ise wo lonse?

I’m a (teacher/ student/ engineer) (Oluko/akeko/ onimo ero) ni mi

Do you speak (English/ Yoruba)? S’ole so ede(geesi/ yoruba)?

Just a little Mole so die

I like Yoruba Moferan yoruba

I’m trying to learn Yoruba Mongbiyanju lati ko ede yoruba

It’s a hard language Ede t’ole ni

It’s an easy language Ede ti kole ni

Oh! That’s good! hehen, Iyen da

Can I practice with you? se mole ko pelu e?

I will try my best to learn Mase iwon ti mole se lati ko

How old are you? Omo odun melo ni e?

I’m (twenty one, thirty two) years old Omo (ogun odun lekan,ogun odun lemeji) ni mi

It was nice talking to you! Mogbadun bi mose nba e soro

It was nice meeting you! mogbadun bi mose pade e

Mr…/ Mrs. …/ Miss… Ogbeni…/ Iya afin…/ Omidan….

This is my wife Iyawo mi niyi

This is my husband Oko mi niyi

Say hi to Thomas for me Bami ki Thomas.

Extracts from; africanspiritualitynow.wordpress.com

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